Spurt Stains Drinks hic

Spurt Stains Drinks hic


Ok Masochists, courtesy of my sponsor, @so5-4bw , I will be attending this match.

Nice one, SO5; giving me a chance to watch Saints get arse-buggered.

No seriously, thanks for the ticket. Mate!

We need to meet beforehand to get anaesthetised for the arse-buggering to follow?

Goat has suggested The Rockstone, which gets my vote.

Any other thoughts?

I’ll probably be around for a couple (who am I trying to kid?) after the game at The South Western and win lose or draw I’ll have a smile on my face.

If we win I’ll be happy and if we lose, we’ll probably be in the bottom three and then I’ll be happy that @barry-sanchez and @newyorksaint will be happy.

It’s win-win.


I guessed @sack the board saint was New york new York so bad they named him twice before the link was checked.


The Rockstone gets my vote, or maybe the Bookshop. I have one question though - is there some other way in which one might be buggered? I thought by definition the arse was involved.


Bletch is quite the buggery student.


Wear that nice lipstick of yours again and I’ll show you.


Pleonasm innit…


I probably won’t make pre-match but can make post-match but, please, can we have more than just me and Bletch this time!


You’re right BT. Nobody should have to go through that.


By god I like a man who can tell a pleonasm from a tautology.


Good job he didn’t say arse-buggery-bum-sodomy then innit :lou_lol:

He would have been a pleonastic tautologist :lou_facepalm_2:


Downvoted for being a twat

Happy birthday by the way


I have to say sometimes I’m thankful I don’t understand some of the terminology used here.

…and as you’re asking, NO, I wasn’t tempted to Google them either. :lou_smiley:


A good face-buggering will wipe the smug, word-bore smile off each of your smug, word-bore faces.


Happy birthday fowllyd! Like a fine wine…you should be locked in a cellar.


I see you’ve just back from an advisory role to a family in the States!!


Was that a wise thing to do SO5?

Assume the sartorial police will give Bletch the once over before being allowed into the ground and into the eye of the global media??


Not sure whether I’m going to make this one.

The weather is a load of shite, and the taxman is expecting a big wedge by month’s end.

We normally win when I am not there. I think I’ve only witnessed one victory all season.

(insert obvious joke here)


The clapper train can fuck right off, the sensible we’re shit and the Chinese are milking us express left ages ago, reality shall always beat bollocks wishful dreams.

The Southampton way is the cheap way, the cheap way isn’t the best way.

Selling since 1885



I’m off the to the Lakes and the weather is seriously shite.


I’d put custard on it or Vimto - unless you can get some innertubes and a bowl of key soup.