Southampton vs Newcastle - the beers

Southampton vs Newcastle - the beers


So it has been awhile, and frankly, the last couple of match day meetups have been so light on numbers that I was looking around me to see if I was in Fratton Park during a home game. I am looking to rectify this with a solid showing for our upcoming contest against Newcastle.

State your intentions, Sotonians. Will you be beering it on Saturday, or will you ditch attendance with all the fervour of a Pompey fan in League Two?


Having missed the last two home games, I’m well up for this one - beer and football. I have some concerns about Bucks’ Geordie mate and the Rockstone, as that does seem to be a toxic combination for Saints’ chances. Or maybe we can overcome this as it’s his team we’re playing, so they’ll be certain to lose.

Or maybe that’s all just a load of bollocks, and we should all pitch up at the Rockstone anyway.


Can’t see me missing this one.

Personal preference would be The Rockstone, though I’m also a fan of The Stable.


Weren’t we at the Farmhouse for the 4-0?


I’m in with the offspring and will try and make an appearance if possible

He is 12 and well aware of how much of a cunt I am but would appreciate it if you didn’t confirm his suspicions too vocally and too often.

my Knowledge of Southampton pubs stopped in 1991 so may need some help if its not a name I recognise


Ah, the old, please treat me like a god in front of my kids plea.

No problem, just tell us what you need us to say and we’ll big you up to paper over the cracks in the poor parenting.


Originally posted by @Sussexsaint

my Knowledge of Southampton pubs stopped in 1991 so may need some help if its not a name I recognise

The Rockstone used to be Bevois Castle, in case that’s helpful.


It is indeed.

used to spend most of my time in the Canute, the Frog and the Joiners but know Bevois Castle


Running out of home games to make an appropriate pomparse (sic) appearence for fun, frolics and gay abandon with beer… will need to look seriously at calender… :lou_surprised:


( aside)

A sotonians Calendar , theres a thought…


Are you suggesting that we create an entirely new calendar, like they did after Christ was apparently born?

FFS mate, I’m very happy with the progress we’ve made in eleven months, but we’re no Wyld Stallions :lou_sunglasses:


Why not? I reckon the Goat will get his norks out for that.


Is SO5 4BW going to be joining us?


Legs akimbo for January. :lou_lol:


Oh, and I’m not around for Newcastle beers or match but have fun.


Originally posted by @Goatboy

Legs akimbo for January. :lou_lol:

What’s all this shouting?

We’ll have none of this trouble here!


Don’t like the idea of 25th of Paptember ? Bearsday the 23rd of Bletch?

or come to think of it the 14th of Gayabandon


Fuck you Fowllyd. We will be there and frankly need the beers. If we lose - disaster. If Geordies lose - my mate will be in bits, counting as he was on a Rafa revival. Either way beers will be vital so we will be there, probably first to arrive :cool:


Just to annoy papster, I might pop in after the game*.

I am drinking the night before with colleagues so I might not.

And if I go to the effort of making my way in to town I’m expecting a decent turn-out.

I’ll decide nearer the time once I’ve seen the attendance list.

*bletch is being coy because he hasn’t asked Mrs bletch yet.


Papster sir, have you booked ye olde ale house known as the Rockstone yet?