Southampton vs Arsenal Match Thread - 10/5/17 K.O. 19:45

The Arse come to SMS on Wednesday, fresh from their win over Man Utd and still pushing for that all important 4th spot. With us off the back of a very good defensive/non-existant attacking display against Liverpool in our attempts to overhaul Leicester, Bournemouth and WBA.

I was pretty good with my last prediction (more a request than a prediction to be honest) so let’s try for 1-0 Saints, with Long getting the goal to continue his good form against the Gunners :lou_smiley:

Sorry, feel really pessimistic about this one, it has 0-1 to the Arse written all over it.

Sanchez to save Wenger’s skin in the 94th minute with a disputed penalty.

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Dunno, if Caceras does step into central defence we could push Stephens forward as a defensive midfielder.

We could then find someone who can actually find their own player with a pass to be an attacking (or holding) midfielder!!

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To appease the gamblers after my Scouse screw up.

I actually had a gamble Sunday - go me!

1st scorer in the Arse Manure game with the krew in the pub.

I got the second goal.

So as a result didn’t win any budget to go to the pub, have my first meeting at 7:30am Thursday and a golf day at 42C in the afternoon before an evening of free food & drink.

So I am having an early night as Golf & Free Booze always trumps 10 quid a pint beer (except for cup finals)

Easy win

(Dull 0-0 again then)

We’ll lose this I expect. Sorry.

We have in the recent past had a good record against The Arse ignoring the FA cup shambles .

2 -0 or 2- 1 to the Saints

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I’m not v.scared of Arsenal, I think Puel will do a number on them + we will win with Comfort.

I think this will be 1-1.

Unless Martin Caceras starts in which case we will win 5-0.


And into the light he came :slight_smile:


Even Claude’s quotes are fucking dull.

“I appreciate my former trainer. He is a great trainer”

Someone slap the fucker round the face! Say something interesting you dull bastard! And someone needs to tell the Saints media team that that quote is as tedious as the football has been. Come on Saints! Do something interesting, we’re drifting into some sort of shit dreamland where you dream about being asleep. Let’s have some more Forster antics. I want to see the media team put out photos of Fraser kicking the crap out of someone. Anything.

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Come on Fats…all managers are trained to talk bollocks…dull bollocks, put a foreign accent on it and what do you have?

Incomprehensible dull bollocks.

I know, I just got a bit cross when I read the quote. In fact, I was more cross that they deemed it worth putting out. I’m over it now, I had a jacket potato and beans for dinner.


Smell the roses Bearsy

A 2-0 win

Wenger to be sent to the stands for getting a strop on in the second half

I’ve been reading some of the comments from Liverpool fans after our game on Sunday, and to be quite honest, some of them have really hit home.

It was indeed an embarrassment that we were so dull, so defensive, and clearly quite happy to waste time and no more ambitious than to nick a point. It created a poor spectacle and a complete lack of entertainment for the fans, partisan and neutral alike. What was the point of it all? Why didn’t we open up a bit and let both teams play? I’ve been thinking about it and actually, they have a really good point.

As such, I’ve informed them that in the interest of competitive integrity, we shall go into our match against Arsenal with a different approach.

Claude has let me know that on the basis of sound, Scouse advice, we shall play a 0-1-10 formation with an empty net and Fraser Forster just in behind our 10 strikers, ensuring goals galore and a thoroughly entertaining match for the neutral against Arsenal. I’m sure our previous opponents will be delighted with that.


It was only an embarrassment to the Scouse fans because they could not break us down.

99% of Saints fans would be happy with a point at Anfield so stop your whining and accept that we will play defensively when the manager deems the opposition tactically superior which on the face of it Acording to the pundits (non saints ones anyway) they are meant to be.

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I think Mr T was taking the piss. 0-1-10?

Read the comments from our match report in the Guardian. Liverpool fans are so funny. I’m just gutted we didn’t get a late winner, to really send them over the edge.

Maybe we didn’t get forward enough because the pitch was to dry? You’d need to ask Kopp about that though. Sounds like an excuse to me.