Southampton vs Arsenal Match Thread - 10/5/17 K.O. 19:45

Wenger? Great Trainer?

Krap. Now Mick Channon is a great trainer or perhaps that’s why arsenal are so poor they employ horses


Well Liverpool supporters, that’s what you get if you try to buy all our best players. We turn up at your place and try the best be can with the players at our disposal…we have no obligation to entertain you.

Perhaps as we’re such a poor team you won’t want to buy any more of our players. :lou_lol:

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linesman is gonna go boss eyed tryin to judge them offside calls


Anyone else think he was going to play a completely random rotated team just to bugger up my fant football team? I am thinking McQueen, Sims, Jimmy Case in midfield etc.


I’m ITK on this as Puel phoned my mum to ask if I was free to play tomorrow. Unfortunately I can’t go as it clashes with my summer hair removal session.

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I didn’t know you were Brazilan?

Don’t you mean feathers?

Sorry… proper Dad joke.

I will be in transit to work for this one so

travel to Labuan

Guiness or 3 in the pub

2 take out tarts

watch the footy at 03:00 in the morning.

go to work at 06:00 well and truly fucked


It will be interesting to see the possibilities of a change in tactics for this home game


Charlie and Barry to lead the line

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So then, The Gooners at home tonight, lovely. Another opportunity to shove Arsenal about a bit and steal their dinner money.

Alexis Sanchez is taken care of already, I’ve just made him my Fantasy Football captain, so that’s him fucked. The rest of them will still be patting each other on the backs after the weekends win, leaving us to set about that soft underbelly of theirs …again !!

Goals galore for us I reckon and I can’t see them beating Fraser ‘The Cat’ Forster in the form he’s in.

3 nil Saints … and Wenger will blame the ref



Is the game televised at all? BT Sport?

I think that’s you AND the tarts Phil. :lou_wink_2:

Nope, it’s a Champions League so no other top league is allowed to steal their thunder. I’m sure you can find it somewhere though :lou_wink_2:

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I remember it well. More so for thinking that we had signed a star in Delgado!!

Those with Mobdro there will be an Arabic Commentary Version available on BeIN Sports 2.

Their TV guide is not showing any English Language version at the moment, but then they’ve never been great at communicating things

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