:pl: :saintsfc: Southampton v West Ham :westhamfc: (live on :prime_video_logo:)

:saintsfc: v :westhamfc:

  • :westhamfc: always (not literally @Lets-B-Drinking) beat :saints:, always, this isn’t going to go any other way
  • :saints: will play to their best, fans not in the stadium due to Tier-3 so no pressure on the players, a comfortable :saints: win
  • a draw is on the cards
  • the return of Antonio, :saints: are doomed, doomed I tell you
  • :saints: playing on a Tuesday night, we need Jos Hooiveld back, he always scores on a Tuesday, :saints: will prevail…

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Antonio could be back.
We are doomed.

We certainly are …

Apparently the Master Predictor has us down for 2 nil and Kimo Sabe has us down for 3 nil …

It’s the, drum roll, return of the poll, in the OP, have at it Sotonians…


Ings pictured in training today. :crossed_fingers:

Too soon, keep him fresh for Liverpool…


I’m feeling very positive about this one. We’re hard to beat this season, so I’m going with my gut optimism and predicting that we will just about manage to hold them to a draw. :+1::+1:

Not particularly good news.

edited : to add proper link to tweet that I assume was meant to be posted…

Nor this:

Not that I’ve ever been there mind…

By the number of lower league games being cancelled and now the increase in covid in the top flight, I will be amazed if there isn’t some kind of league postponement in the next month.


Shit balls.

Can’t it just be done now so that our walking wounded will get some time to recover before fixtures commence? After all, if it’s good enough for the Man City’s of this world- - - -!

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Ralph will not be at the game tonight. Has to isolate due to a positive test in his family.

He will be managing by Zoom & watching on Amazon Prime.
As a result, all his comments/reactions will be 2 minutes too late.
A bit like Jack Stephen’s positional sense


I thought all non-essential shops in tier 4 had to shut anyway? Why aren’t they shut already? Is this why Ralph has covid? God Damn you West Quay! God Damn you all to hell!

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Isn’t the purchase of the third alternative away kit essential? :thinking:

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