:pl: :saintsfc: Southampton v Leicester :leicesterfc: (Live on :sky_logo: Sports)

:saintsfc: v :leicesterfc:

Moved from Saturday afternoon to Friday night

  • :saints: 0 - 9 :leicesterfc:
  • that scoreline will be mentioned by the commentators numerous times, somehow :saints: will prevail, :saints: to win
  • a lacklustre, nervy affair as if the fans were in the stadium, as in the FA Cup :leicesterfc: edge the game
  • a draw

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Thank fuck I will be on holiday.

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Are you staying in the out house conversion that you’re doing?

Nope. A yurt on the IOW.


Presumably there’s no TV, no phone signal and with it any chance of watching this game?

Can I come please?


Use of the word “yurt”.

Ban. Immediate, no right to appeal.


Fucking hell, how can I be envious of a yurt on the IOW??

how has it come to this??

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Report the post then, the mods will do the rest…

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Are you calling me a snitch? :thinking::rage:

Leicester? On a Friday? In this economy?

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The plane wifi went tits up at halftime so missed the dulcet tones of Adam & Dave

Wrong thread

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I think we all hope that happens next Friday
And until the end of the season

Build up time.

Oh sod it the sun is shining & there is gardening to do.

Jankewitz needs to start a game asap. Mini-me ain’t getting game time unless we get more injuries.

Pace running at the heart of their defence, be brave Ralph play 4-1-2-2-1
Theo & Redz rotating around Che, Diallo/weird Al anchoring, HWP/Stuey in CM.
Because 4, 4, fvckng 2 ain’t working anymore

I would take a 1-0 stuffing

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We’d all take the score to be only that after the 1st 10 minutes

Our luck.
LCFC have a mare in the games before they play us


Poll has been added to the OP BTW

I’ve gone for 0-9, not because I expect it to be quite that bad, but they’ll tear us to pieces. Them to go ahead, us to push up the field chasing the game, followed by a spate of ruthless counters. Can see us losing this by 3 or 4.

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Same answer for me, but different reasoning.

This is a team that is potentially the most mentally fragile to ever have existed playing a Leicester team on form and on a Friday.

Nothing good comes of that. Not 9-0 but genuinely I’d be amazed if we lose by under 5…