Southampton - Past in pictures - places & people

Southampton - Past in pictures - places & people


That was what became known as the Mayor Lionel Beckham lob…the first goal to be scored at The Dell. It look the ball and the goal-keeper into the back of the net.




<Above> The Aquitania…the picture must be late 1940s, her last voyage was in 1950…


Tudor house have an exhibition about the old castle on from April to December

There’s a great picture of the castle I can’t seem to link via tablet.



Done for you :lou_is_a_flirt:


There was one too on Tudor House’s facebook page which I still cannot link.

Anyway. Found this site which has some lovely old paintings of Southampton - not sure if it’s been shared before.


What-ho old chap!


@modboy will give you pleasure.



Ahhhh, but it all started in Hythe - can someone sort out the link please- Modboy?



Crapping hell, the link works…what strange alchemy is that?

More by luck than judgement I think…


No appreciation :lou_sad:


Soz mate, was that you? Thought I’d managed to sort it myself by my usual method of closing my eyes and randomly clicking on the link and then closing the thread & assuming it’ll all be fine



No worries :lou_lol:

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Love this photo … happy days

Courtesy of George Weahs Cousin’s twitter


Derby day against the skates 80’s style


This really does take me back … is it a pub ? … is it a shed ?