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Southampton - Past in pictures - places & people


Jeez, @steveintheforest that takes me back. Yep a pub. Used to have a job for the council and part of the job was taking the wages around to the archaeologists grubbing around the walls. Used to get absolutely trollied and pour myself on to the Hythe ferry after my last stop - yep, The Sun.

Not bad for a fresh faced 18 year old


Southampton zoo (from The Echo site):


For some reason I find this photo facinating … German POWs being marched up Shirley Road on their way to a camp in 1916



@goatboy just seen that on twatter and was about to post it, instead I used @saintbletch 's side by side map thing

Absolutely fascinating stuff, I didn’t know that a lot of Southampton south of the railway station was reclaimed.


What about the clock? Cultural vandalism and in its place an office block, the branch line into the docks needs to be reopened to passengers as well.


Taken on my first camera in 1961. Around this time I only took pictures of trains…I was a spotty oik just into my teens and had an image to keep up.
For the trainspotters amongst us I won’t need to tell you this is “West Country Class” loco “Lynton” at Southampton Central.


Oh dear, trainspotters’ among us?!

tbf going into Waterloo the other day we passed a steam train at Clapham Junction - everyone was looking out of the windows mesmerised.

There’s something visceral about a steam train that diesel or electric can’t match.


Simple pleasures when I was a kid Cobs…pre health and safety we got away with things that would turn young parents pale today. Used to climb through a hole in the fence to Eastleigh railway sheds at the end of Eastleigh Airport runway, dodging railway locos in steam and maintenance men who’d give you a thick-ear if they caught you. Steam trains were a visceral high, thundering past showering steam, coal smuts and adrenaline in equal measure. Irresistible for small boys. :lou_lol:


And adults @lifeintheslowlane



True…this a picture I took last year of my car and The Flying Scotsman at Test Lane, Redbridge…you never grow out of it…


On my shitty £50 windows phone with a cracked screen that looks almost as if it was painted.

You didn’t photoshop it did you?

Great picture though.


Just a fast shutter speed…1/1250th sec…it was doing 30mph slowing down for the Redbridge junction.


Too much detail there, a no would have done.



I would never patronise with a simple no…my default setting is to assume erudition. :lou_wink_2:


On this site? Poor deluded fool. Assume the lowest common denominator and go one below, to be safe go two…






Last day of work before Xmas 1968…The Alex jammed packed couldn’t get through the door. Climbed in through a downstairs window…already bladdered. :lou_lol: