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Southampton - Past in pictures - places & people


Wow, just discovered this thread. It’s great.

My mum worked in Edwin Jones around the time of this publication, mid-60s.


If you’re interested in this, well worth reading Philip Hoare’s excellent book, Spike Island, all about the hospital and the site. He’s a brilliant writer and t’s a fascinating history.


I lost hours, days, weeks posting in this thread, but loved every minute of it. Love looking back at all these pictures in one place.


Here you go, this is a fantastic read :


Ooooooo, cheers for that.


Looking back over all the pages, I really love this shot. The fact it has SMS in it and it looks just like the map. You can see how small the Isle of Wight is.


Northam gasworks in early 1900’s courtesy of Historic Southampton on Twitter.


One from recent history (this morning in fact) courtesy of Dan Snow on Twitter:


Is it just me or do all @sfcsim 's recent pics resemble the well-known painting, “Polar bear in blizzard”?


Not me @pap gov, this will be photobucket, fucking up again. Site is down! I’m sure/hopefully they will return. :lou_sad:


Courtesy of SeeSouthampton ‏on Twitter

American trucks awaiting D Day 1944. Lone naval gunner with Hotchkiss anti aircraft gun on Catchcold Tower.


Doesn’t look big enough to take out a Seagull.


With The Civic Centre in the distance behind him, it looks like he is facing West … surely he should be facing top the East to keep out the great unwashed from our fair city :wink:


Southampton High Street pre-Luftwaffe:



Yes, Iike @dinger , I can also recommend Philip Hoare’s excellent book Spike Island, especially for those, like me, who grew up in Southampton or the surrounding area during the 60s, 70s etc.

Actually, I’ve read a few of Hoare’s books featuring the local area, and have found all of them to be very well written and interesting.


LS Lowry painting of the floating bridgec.1956:



^^^ Still in Southampton Art Gallery although I’m not sure if it’s on permanent display. Haven’t been for a while.


In the 1100s, this was site of St Mary Magdalen leper hospital, founded by the burgesses of Southampton. ‘Marland’ derives from that.



That ball looks very heavy :lou_lol: