⚽ :saints: Southampton FC Women v Wolves FC Women :wolvesfc:

This playoff final is only a week away at Stockport County FC

Is anyone on here going?

Travel below


And tickets can be bought direct from Stockport County FC below link


Gonna lose

@ericofarabia is going

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Is it not possible to put him down?

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Not long now. Really looking forward to this one. :blush:

Last chance to get your tickets and travel.

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On BBC Sport website and BBC iPlayer @14.50. KO 15.00.



They said global coverage, bet it isn’t


Using a VPN?

Ps GET IN! 1-0 Saints

Well taken goal by the Saints


Yeah sounds easy but…

Bought my phone in the sandpit, it is locked to UAE as is my google account. Can’t unlock the phone here (prob all the Pegasus software stuff)
So VPN illegal in UAE it screws me even if I try and install by .apk

And an android update wiped my saved passwords so cant even login to the OS and wont reset my password ffs

Wolves down to 10, straight red.

Was it that bad a challenge?


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She kicked tbe Saints player when she was on the floor, caught the Saints player on the back of her leg.

Just seen it. Dirty bitch!

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Don’t tell Scotty. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Brilliant today, again :+1::grin:

Did bloody well to win.

The female commentator just said Wolves played the 2nd half with 10 men.