South America

Seems to be a flashpoint at the moment so here’s a thread.

@Goatboy could be add the Unrest in Ecuador thread too? I briefly saw an article about Chile, Ecuador and Venezuela which I will have to find.

One of my favourite places on earth is Ecuador. I spent just over 2 months there as a volunteer in Quito in 2007. Then went back for a 2 week trip a before heading home to the UK.
I have some friends there. They have been vocal about the current leader and the protests.
Many of the protesters are indigenous people. Under Correa things appeared to improve for them.

Hoping my friends are going to be safe.



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You also found that article. You are now my new PA.

Do I get to wear the stockings again?

What do you mean again. Isn’t it standard day wear?

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My Brazilian friends are happy with this.

Evo Morales has stood down. Some are saying it is a right wing coup.

2019 nearly 2020 and this kinda stuff is going on in the world.

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Is it Guaido?

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Well it clearly is a coup, despite attempts by America to portray it as a “democratic breakout”. The White House says, “Morales’ departure preserves democracy, these events send a strong signal to the illegitimate regimes in Venezuela and Nicaragua that democracy and the will of the people will always prevail”. Video has shown Morales’ house being ransacked on Sunday night and other instances of what has been described as ‘chilling instances of police abuse of power’ in the past few days. On Tuesday night the far right president of Bolivia’s Senate swore herself in as President, to a nearly empty legislative chamber. Senators from The MAS, Morales’ party boycotted this, many of them citing fear for their safety.

Morales did an amazing job in Bolivia, large improvements in GDP,huge increases in literacy, reduced extreme poverty from almost 1 in 3 to a small minority.
But of course this can’t be allowed to happen under a left wing government in South America so he had to be removed.
Those figures.
Poverty down from 61% to 35%, extreme poverty 15%.
GDP up from $11bn to $40bn.
Illiteracy down from 13% to 2%.
Minimum wage up 300%.


I’ve sadly already seen some worrying videos and photos on twitter which appear to be people killed after the coup.