🎂 Sotonians milestones


Going the Sunday only this year. I’ll be 44. It has been a few years since I did the whole weekend. We did have a group of young uns ask to have a photo with us once. Those weird old people.



Today, Barry Sanchez attended a Saints game (not yet confirmed but an occasion worth marking nonetheless).



I bet he left before the equaliser.

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Mr Tigger agreed I was right. A small thing to you perhaps but a huge happening in the tigger household



Two years later and he’s “studying” for A levels. His sister is mid degree but the rest of the post doesn’t need to be changed…



I hit the big four-zero today, I have opened 3 presents so far, one was a beer tankard and the other 2 were packs of beer, I feel it is going to be a good day followed by a terrible sunday :lou_sunglasses:



Happy birthday Gav. Get yourself to Brighton and i’ll buy you a few beers :beers:

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Happy birthday Gav! And happy birthday pap I believe!



Happy birthday. Looks like a perfect birthday so far.

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Happy birthday. Have a good day.

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Happy B’day nipper!


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Happy Birthday, make sure you get something to help on Sunday

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Happy birthday young whippersnapper. Hope Saints do the business for you today. :lou_lol:

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Belated happy birthday for yesterday Mr Butler, I hope the head is ready for another go today…

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