🎂 Sotonians milestones

:birthday: Sotonians milestones


krGF has just booked our first house viewing.

It’s normal to start panicking uncontrollably about now, isn’t it?


Oh yes. It’s also the start of being expected to take an interest in things you never imagined…like curtains. :lou_surprised:


Christ, she gets annoyed when my response to “what do you want to watch” is “I dunno/whatever/don’t mind”.

This is going to be hell :lou_facepalm_2:



Just keep saying…

Well we could go look in Laura Ashley for furniture/furnishings if you don’t fancy a trip to IKEA.

You’ll be fine.

You will get fed up with fvcking meatballs though


Being trapped in Ikea with Ed Sheeran being pumped on loop is pretty much my idea of hell.


I have never set foot in or otherwise visited an Ikea store or viewed an Ikea catalogue or visited an Ikea website…


Oh lord, she’s only gone and booked another straight after.

This is all getting way out of hand already


You and me pal…I think there is now a very good chance I never will. :lou_lol:


What are you going to do with your life if you don’t get shacked up with a crippling mortgage and an unnecessary interest in home furnishing? No, seriously what else…?


Oh I am the one who says “I don’t mind” in my relationship. My partner gets quite annoyed.

I didn’t mind the curtain shopping until we got quoted £5k.


In my day the first set of curtains were government suplus blankets nailed to the window frame…attractively draped of course. :lou_lol:


In my present abode I have black out material with an extra layer of carboard duct taped to the port hole to stop the light coming in .


I think we need to see your interior design techniques on TV.


Daughter admitted to hospital last night.

Fingers crossed.

Grandkid #2 On their way…



She has progressed to Gas & Air…


It’s a Girl!

Somehow both myself & Mrs D_P were convinced it was going to be a Girl as well!

Mother & Baby doing well.

Bubbles tonight!!


Congrats grandad and all concerned. :lou_lol:


Chris Rea sang a song about this…


Great news Phil.

Celebrate long :lou_lol: