🎂 Sotonians milestones

:birthday: Sotonians milestones


It will probably be sick on you and stink for a few years.

Beware low bridges.

And good luck bear.


New oven is shite first set of Yorkshires in the bin. :lou_angry:


…oh, and they don’t get any cheaper as they get older. The opposite it seems.




Hey Bear, if it’s a girl you gonna call her Goldilocks ?


Oooh, just read this. Congratulations, Bear! I think …

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I suppose now might be as good a time as any to recount this true life story.

When the future Mrs Stickman broke the – frankly, disconcerting – news that she was carrying my child, I did what any self-respecting man would do under such unplanned and unforeseen circumstances: headed at break-neck pace straight for the pub. As fate would have it, sat alone and forlorn at the bar was about the only one of my mates who actually had any experience of fatherhood. I bought him a drink and, without wishing to give too much away at that stage, waited for an opportunity to casually ask how fatherhood had changed his life. He slowly and painfully looked up from his beer and with the tortured countenance of a mad-man sobbed: “Change it? It hasn’t changed it. It’s fucking well ended it”.



Stand down, baby bear died already rip. I’m glad I had enough sense / cowardice not to tell my Mum about the pregnancy, saves me a second embarrassing conversation. I’m a little bummed bout it tho, considering I didn’t want a Bearby in first place, but I’d kind of got used to the idea. I was looking forward to fucking the little shit up by learning him all my despicable views on Life & Sex!

In general though I am too much of a Happy Soul to be touched deeply by this kind of thing. My initial thought, when bird started pissing out like a ketchup bottle was “easy come easy go”. What an awful way to react! Fortunately I was more diplomatic with the Mrs. She seems quite Upset, which shows a lack of foresight I think. Bad enough having one bro like me in your life. She came very close to having Two!


Sorry to hear that, bearsy.


Mate, gutted for all concerned. These things do happen. Only consolation I can offer is that there is usually a good biological reason for it. Horrible whenever it happens, but much easier if it happens before things go too far.


Sweet of you to say bros but don’t worry about it srs. I dunno why I didn’t see it coming. Apparently this kind of thing is Quite Common, and it is well known fact that I am not allowed to have Nice Things, but somehow I was Surprised. I thought my genomes was made of more Hardy Stuff! When I was fetus you couldn’t terminate me with a pitchfork, I know for fact my mum Tried.


Hang in there my fine Ursine fellow. one consoilation is that this IS very common first time round, usually happens earlier so most dont even know they were pregnant… which is obviously less dramatic. Happpens for for a number of reasons including ‘trial run’ , as well as when things are not quite right. Baby Bears will happen one day so you wll have plenty of opportunity to teach them the dark ways. When it happens you will be glad.


Mrs BTripz had several miscarriage before our first born and before the Twins arrived. I was gutted after the first one and learned to not tell anyone about pregnancies until well after the 3 months.

The girls have focussed our thoughts and it’s amazing how many babies don’t come to term or do with serious life issues. The fact that there are so many “normal” babies out there is incredible.

What fucks me right off is you see people like Kerry Katona that smoke, drink, whatever during pregnancy and deliver healthy babies to the world. Yet the people that do the “correct” things generally end up heart broken!!

I know you’re probably putting on a brave face @bearsy and I feel for you, please be a tad more sympathetic to Mrs Bear though :lou_is_a_flirt:


Best stick that advert for wheelchair pusher back in the shop window bearsy.

:lou_sad:rip really.


i saw that tokyos you bastard! This is Example why you need to visit more often!


Just catching up on all this. Soz bear, that is shit. Happened to my mate and his mrs. 2nd time he hit the target was a success thou and their baby is due in a couple of weeks. Just keep pumping away and results will come.


Sorry to here the news bear.

Bang goes the pub taxi service


Suggestion from soviets…check the full thread before posting message of congrats.


srs thou bear. I hope you sister is OK. This kind of thing can have a bigger effect on girls than bears. Make sure you are nice to her for a bit.


I didn’t think I could feel sorrier for you than when you announced your Mrs was ‘accidentally’ pregnant, but it turns out I can :lou_sad:


My niece has turned 18. Adult Unit #1 has turned 22, the “Taylor Swift year”.

Adult Unit #1 insists that Niece Adult Unit #1 “stole her birthday”.


I know the feeling…JFK had the temerity to be shot on my birthday…Fucker!