🕯 Sotonian's Love & Fellowship Birthday Thread

:candle: Sotonian's Love & Fellowship Birthday Thread


You look cheerful.


It is actually my birthday today :laughing:


I’ve put it in my dairy for next year, Teddy.

For now, some internet best wishes will have to do. Happy Birthday!


Cheers :smile:


Happy birthday! Seems there’s a few of us round here with January birthdays…


Thanks :slight_smile: January birthdays do seem common, maybe people get frisky in the summer and then 9 months …


Happy Birthday Ted! I got you this:


Originally posted by @TedMaul

It is actually my birthday today :laughing:

Is that Today (the 11th) or yesterday (the 10th)?? The 14 hour ago post time is a but near the cusp??


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWINNER!..I think it’s Fowllyd’s birthday today. At least after all the clues he’s left scattered around the forum I’m assuming it’s today as it was his twin sister’s yesterday and his mum had to shake him loose the day after.

So it’s a big wet sloppy kiss from me…have a great day youngster. :lou_lol:


Happy Birthday Fowllyd!


Yes, 'tis indeed true. I was born four hours after my twin sister, emerging into this wicked old world arse first (as is common with the second of twins). My sister weighed four pounds something, I weighed seven pounds something. So, even back in those formative days, I can say that I ate all the pies.

Thank you most kindly for your birthday wishes good sirs.


You have a good day. :slight_smile:


Happy 60th Dave!


Doesn’t appear to be a lot of buttling going on round here. What with all these birthdays.

Happy 65th.



You’ll be lucky to get that far. :lou_wink_2:


Happy birthday to one and all whenever that may be.

(right done, so now dont need to feel bad if I mss one)


Well it’s Soggy’s birthday today. YAAAAA…happy birthday youngster. :lou_lol:


Happy birthday Soggy. Have good one. :lou_lol:


Have a good day - and don’t waste it trying to educate thick people!


Thanks guys. The missus is taking me to see Dads Army (and no I wasnt in the Home Guard!!). Looking forward to sinking a few in the pub tonight too!