🕯 Sotonian's Love & Fellowship Birthday Thread

:candle: Sotonian's Love & Fellowship Birthday Thread


True to the spirit of Facebook and other social media I thought we should have a dedicated thread for all of you out there. One where you can share the “milk of human kindness” to those you barely know on the event of adding another year to their Sotonian’s Profile.

To set the ball rolling I’d like to add my sincere felicitations to that dear lady and fellow Sagittarian “Coxford Lou”…


Yeah, Happy Birthday, Lou!!!

Btw, statistically, you only need 23 people for the odds of 2 of them sharing a birthday to be greater than 50 percent. So, some of us on here almost certainly share a birthday.


it’s my birthday as well!


Thanks LITSL! Now I know why I like you so much - you’re a fellow Sadge! :lou_smiley:


Originally posted by @Fatso

it’s my birthday as well!

Fucking fibber, Fatso!


if there were 23 of us on this thread, it would probably be my birthday.


Happy Birthday Lou. A week before mine!



Happy birthday Lou! One minor question though - and I may be being very dim here - how did LITSL know it’s your birthday today?


Originally posted by @Coxford_lou

Originally posted by @Fatso

it’s my birthday as well!

Fucking fibber, Fatso!

Nice bit of alliteration there. Are you looking to scoop the elegant prose award perchance?


Thanks to a good piece of deduction by Bob on the This Day in History thread

That man can read women, even when they’re being rather coy!


Coy? I thought it was pretty obvious TBH

But then I have lived with women all my life.


Not as bloody obvious as your birthday tribute to Lou in reply!


Are there no depths to which you will not sink in order to ingratiate yourself to LouLou? :lou_wink_2:


If you’d been following “Sfcsim’s” thread on Southampton pictures you’d know that I know and I am in fact related to everyone born in Southampton. How would I not know??


Happy birthday Lou :lou_is_a_flirt:

One quick blow and all your wishes will be granted :lou_wink_2:


Well, this is one step closer to the Sotonians orgy.


Oh, and happy birthday, Lou. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You’re quite right. I should have realised. :lou_lol:


Ha, thanks guys! Have attempted to go low key with birthday this year, but just couldn’t resist a ‘it happened on this day’ fact on my bday. Shame it was such a shit fact!


You are SO rude!!

:lou_is_a_flirt: Back atcha!


Fucking hell, Lou giving upvotes out like handjobs on this thread.

Happy birthday Lou.