🕯 Sotonian's Love & Fellowship Birthday Thread

:candle: Sotonian's Love & Fellowship Birthday Thread


A special one for you, Cherts


:lou_lol: :lou_sunglasses: :lou_lol:


Happy Birthday Lou :lou_is_a_flirt:

I leave the smut to the boys, us real men don’t need innuendo to flirt with the ladies…


I favour the eccentric…but harmless online persona. :lou_sunglasses:


Happy birthday, Lou.

I know this is a special 40ne so be careful, because statistically you’re likely to jack in your job, buy a Harley, and tour around the US.


Did you get my special delivery Lou? :lou_wink_2:


you or me, or both or which one of my personnas… I keep a few up my sleeve for special occasions




Happy Birthday for yesterday Lou

Your pressie is in the post.

Not this post the Royal Mail.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOATBOY!! :lou_is_a_flirt: :lou_is_a_flirt: :lou_lol:


many happy returns to the G man.

(that must be way too much celebrating in one week, what happens the rest of the year?)


Happy birthday GB! No sooner does this morning’s hangover begin to fade than you’re hard at work on tomorrow’s. It takes dedication, as Roy Castle was wont to observe.


Roy Castle looks like a dodgy cunt.

happy new year everyone.



I fully approve of this thread my beautiful love bunnies.




Goaty, you have three upvotes! You’re through to the next round.


Good effort, Goatboy!


I am recovering from celebrating Lee’s birthday, a chap that some of you met in the South Western Arms after the Spurs game. Epic weekend; went to bed after five this morning after much drinking, and operating a little like Cilla Black in her Surprise Surprise days.

We all used to hang in a gang of four back in the nineties. Lee, my best mate (sorry Fatso) and another mush who was the ultimate capitalist and piss-taker back in the day, in that he’d take the piss out of anyone unlikely to beat him up, and was capable of incredible feats of mischief if compensated with the right amount of cash. We once got him to launch a chair from a four storey window into the headmaster’s private garden. He was paid 1.73UKP for his efforts. To this day, he pretends to be foreign around complete strangers, asking them for directions, wildly gesticulating and mispronouncing words.

Anyways, managed to sneak the pair of them up without Lee knowing about it (his gf proved to be a great accomplice). Lee and his missus arrived on Friday; we chilled in the house playing social games like Cards Against Humanity. Mate 1 turns up with his missus at around 15:00 yesterday, and Lee thinks that’s his big surprise. We get to the restaurant, and Mate 2 turns up with his missus. Cilla mode complete.

Spectacular evening. My missus reckons she caught all four of us individually having a moment, just taking it all in. Probably the first time we’ve all been in the same room for fifteen years, definitely the first time with all of the partners. Superb food at Miller and Carter steakhouse really helped; one of the best steaks I’ve had this side of the Atlantic.

pap towers has returned to its normal term time population, but this weekend will live long in the memory. Happy birthday Lee, you ancient old bastard.


All that effort and you couldn’t get a decent fucking photo!


You all look wholesomely thin… no fodder for papsweb Fat Club there…