Songs we'd forgotten

So I’ve watched The Christians in concert. Not in the top 10 80’s cheese night list but damn they had some good tunes.

They finished with their cover of Harvest for the World and to my horror Mrs D_P had never heard either version ffs!

Anyway it set me into recall mode and there must be so many epic 70s & 80s tracks that have fallen off the computer software of modern radio stations

So let’s share some classics

Starter for 10 Modboys sort out the link I’m on mobile


Shit, just tune your radio in to Planet Rock for 24hrs and you’ll hear pretty much every classic rock track you’ll ever need to hear (& stuff you wouldn’t call rock - it’s a pretty broad church)

Saves bolloxing up links @dubai_phil



I can’t remember the songs I’ve forgotten.



40% discount on beer

I have an excuse

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It’ Friday morning here I’m allowed to be slightly pickled

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You’re on the wrong thread then my friend - we’ll catch up with you on the other one tomorrow :wink:

Just as long as it’s not more golf stories.

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“More golf stories”

Wasn’t that a boring Prog Rock album by Yes in the late '70’s / early '80’s?

You see it works. You mentioned Yes

Now this isn’t a musical chain competitor it’s more for songs that pop back out of nowhere

Oh and what is a Radio Cobs? Honestly you REALLY would not want to be exposed to the 14 songs approved to be played each day by the computer software used down here. Lour stations think they are being cool playing a Coldplay track every hour.

I like The Christians as their eponymouse album reminds of a party in the late 80’s where I met the first girl to let me earn my “brown wings”. She certainly was One in a Million.

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I like that one that goes dum dum da da da dee dar de dum.

Can’t remember the name.

I’ve forgotten it.

Saw The Christians last year.

They put on a really good show considering half of them is dead.

Gary is really charismatic and I loved hearing those songs again after such a long break.

That eponymous album was to blame for giving me the (some say false) notion that I can sing.

I was only a child but I cannot forget…

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The Christians “Live” was just another example of marketing out of control

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Good call.

Mrs D_P added that to her karaoke routine nobody else sings it but everyone sings along.

My go to oldie is Come up and see me make me smile - not forgotten where you are but is over here


Surral moment listening to RMF FM in Krakow - they played a Polish language version of this - :no_mouth:

Salisbury’s finest

Dozy still plays around town

And sorry but done won’ link properly modboy

Lyrics make more sense than most modern pop music :lou_eyes_to_sky:

Sorry but those last two…Rasputin and Zabacrap were in fact two songs I had sucessfully expunged from my memory.

FUCK…reliving the nightmares. :lou_facepalm_2:

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There is no truth in the rumour alleging the above video was one of MoPe’s pre match motivational team talks


Polish version of Radio 2 playing “oldies” (Mother in Law listening on a wireless obviously)

This came up.

Dear god. :lou_sad: :lou_facepalm_2:

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