Songs we'd forgotten

Songs we'd forgotten


What’s worse, the content or Phil linking to videos?


When we get to discourse it will be easier on an Android phone :sunglasses:

Meanwhile the will power to NOT post links to - for example - the Polish version of Jambalaya…

Maybe when back on Windows I can also link to Metallica doing Polish songs…

Love this place but sometimes…

Like last night we found ourselves in a …

Polish Rock Gospel concert maybe a link one day in the when did this become a thing thread…


Aaah now this is a classic…


Sotonians is back!

I was just in the pub watching some cricket and this came on the stereo, which I hadn’t heard in years:


Yeah @dinger what happened ?


Are we allowed to mention his name yet?




That bald bloke who wore a dodgy wig, and banged out a shed load of great singalong party tunes (as in “party” for us oldsters) but unfortunately fiddled kiddies…

first name similar to Mr Sanchez’s first name but starts with a G. The surname rhymes with “shitter”



I heard some Lisa Lisa and cult jam today and I’d forgotten about that.




Even after 7 free beers I may need a word with the DJ