Should there be a second leader board where members are ranked by points per post?

Should there be a second leader board where members are ranked by points per post?


I think my point is clear.

  • No
  • Yes

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Yes, but only for posters with more than 200 posts.


That seems reasonable. (259)


Good point. (260) Or will this bring down my average?


I don’t think so, not least because we tend to celebrate snipers at the end of the year.


You realise we only upvote our overseas posters out of a sense of charity?



i was thinking ok why not, but I have check & redslo is more points per post than me, so I am now Opposed To This.

I dunno that we have problem with ppl doing gd posts anyway. We may have problem with not enough posts in general tho cos it can be v.quiet at times rip.


Will stop after Brexit a well


Interestingly, I checked your points per post just before making my proposal.

Which category is “general?” I will post there right away.


Oh I see, quality over quantity.


I tracked down the end of the year award thread and saw nothing like this there. Are you sure you are against it just because you don’t know how to create such a list? Pretend I said that funnier.


I keep abreast of developments in this area. I’ve already got the league table in my dossiers see. The other posters you want to get onboard with this thread apart from me are @matthew-le-god and @bathsaint . @steveintheforest deserves a mention too, but he’s not quite getting over the 5points per post mark at the moment that would mark him out as a true challenger.

The problem with this metric is that it discourages participation except for upvote whoring. Umbraco.


I think the points system could do with an overhaul. I have a few ideas which I will discuss with the privileged few before suggesting on here.

In the meantime I reckon we should end the current system at midday tomorrow.

All the losers should buy whoever is in the lead at least one pint of ale. For those unable to attend match day drinking club, maybe the leader could provide a PayPal address to receive cash donations?


Gotta love that overseas humour :wink:


I clearly should have downvoted this, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Looking at the current ratings, it would take a few thousand downvotes to knock you off that top spot anyway!


@redslo and the others mentioned above. We’re effectively the forums 1%. We should be helping each other out not competing! If we find just one more member to join our high calibre team and upvote all each others posts. We need never fall down the sub 5ppp slide to mediocrity and we’ll likely keep the rest of the forum at arms length in perpetuity. Remind me again what that means @pap incase I’m using it wrong?


Looks like the Russians have got involved in the voting again.


I’d defo be the leader.


@stickywhitedovepiss Steady on there.

This site thrives on quantity NOT quality.



Oh come on…FUCK NO!

This is going to drive away those of us who’ve set out our store in providing an endless stream of innane drivel.

I thought the early trend of reasoned debate had been stamped out post Brexit. :lou_angry: