🏗 Should St Marys be Expanded?


Waiting for @Matthew-Le-God to arrive…

  • Yes
  • No

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If we build it, they will come.


I was going to vote no…but all sense flew out the window when I read your eloquent justification. :lou_lol:


See here for context…


Credit where it’s due, you can thank Kevin Costner for that one :lou_wink_2:

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Ahh I hope you’re right I’d love to see Ron Davies back at his best. :lou_lol:

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We could do with Dean Richards too.

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And Jack Stephens.

His career is dead, right?


So, when is building starting @Matthew-Le-God?



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Certainly is

Well… this forum software is light years ahead of Saints Web! Plus they don’t charge an unnecessary £5 tax :smiley:


Can you use that quote in our promotional materials?


You can quote me in a tweet, tag me and Steve Grant in it!

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@pap, here’s a job for you.

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And after the four years of relative peace. Look at what yo made me do, @Matthew-Le-God :slight_smile:


Good to see the main man is still around.
Is it time to check for interesting PM’s again or did he just stalk us for big ITK transfer gossip?


Ha Ha with what money? Also more fans means more success or a history or success and expectation, we’re Southampton and bar a few seasons we’ve been shite our whole history, more plastic fans and wank atmospheres, give me back the Dell,
In fact in still probably generates more atmosphere than the crap punters are served up now.


Boy, is fiver-web going to go into meltdown now!