🗣 :engerland: Should English be spoken in England?

Very simple question. Potentially big discussion. Let’s start with a secret poll.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Don’t know

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Might have to give Liverpool to the Welsh


Careful now. In my subtle vengeance, I may just arrange for some Carragher sound-alikes to start trawling London recruiters ;D

As a first language for natives, yep. For non-natives, in situations where English is needed (public interaction) then use of English should be encouraged.

Not sure how you would propose something like that being policed mind.


I think it’s one of the qualifying factors in the new points-based immigration system.

Immigration: please can you tell me the purpose of you visit

Migrant: Je ne comprends pas

Immigration: About turn / volte face

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There will be plenty of ‘ex-pats’ returning to Blighty if other countries reciprocate.

  1. I have a 5 year residency visa with 4 years left.
    After 5 years I can apply for Citizenship.
    To do that I must pass a Polish Language & history exam.

  2. That has been the case for all non-EU working Visa applicants since a Russian employee of mine from Dubai was promoted to work out the UK Office 12 years ago. She needed an MBA the exam and it had to be a role where she had specialist skills.
    In other words, nothing has actually changed at all except EU citizens now follow the old system.

Smoke & mirrors

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How does that conversation play out for your Japanese skiing holiday?

(Assuming your Migrant placeholder simply represents border control’s assumption about their status)

I don’t understand the context of the question, should English people speak English?

No, should the foreign muck that have polluted our shores be made to speak English or deported back to their shithole countries?


I am reminded of Mike Harding’s excellent observation.

Languages while travelling
An upper class Englishman never learns a foreign language. He knows his own language is the best, why should he bother learning something inferior? The one phrase he needs to know in any language is ‘Do you speak English? Then fetch me someone who does’. Lord Longdongle of Kloot

So if someone can only speak Pashtun they should get the gig for the Southampton matchday announcer?

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The Empire was mercantile, the language of money is still English.

Within twenty years, you’ll be living underneath a motorway bridge wearing a cardboard sign bearing the legend “WILL WANK FOR YUAN”.


I live in hope Pap, but it’ll be Trevor not Yuan…

Yeah, it’s good not to devalue yourself.

Konichiwa customs man sama

Piece of piss

They might make more sense

So the purpose of your visit is…

Good day/morning /evening/etc?

That’s you off to the holding camp.

Do you have Amazon Prime Video?

James May’s (if you can stomach him) travels around Japan - very entertaining.