:pl: :sheffieldunitedfc: Sheffield Utd v Southampton :saintsfc: (Live on :sky_logo: Sports)

:sheffieldunitedfc: v :saintsfc:

  • :saints: are going to win because they have to win
  • KW-P and Diallo are back and boost a demoralised :saints: squad, Che finally scores off of his left arse cheek and a clean sheet is kept, :saints: to win
  • :sheffieldunitedfc: play the better football, Billy puts :saints: to the Sharp end of his sword, :sheffieldunitedfc: edfc: will win
  • a draw, all day long, a draw

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15:00 Kick off on a Saturday, must be worth a swerve…

It’s on Saturday

That’s what I said…

Really angry that FF fluffed his audition to start up front alongside Ings

Mccarthy back for me. Forster didn’t do anything to justify his place.

Hope Diallo and/or KWP are back and that Djenepo is ok.


KWP Bednarek Vestergaard Bertrand
Diallo KWP
Djenepo Armstrong
Ings Tella

Djenepo RB if KWP out. If he’s out too, no idea, but what we did tonight was simply wrong.
Armstrong with JWP if Diallo out, bring Adams in.

Anyone but Redmond. Can’t pass, can’t shoot, gives the ball away.

You changed it you cheeky sod.

A major part of our current problem is that we’re now not brave enough or ready to accept risk for reward. WGS always said you have to be brave on the ball to win matches and that’s true. When we were doing well in the Autumn we weren’t afraid to take risks, which often led to chances, because there was confidence that if we lost the ball, we’d work hard to win it back and could defend.

Now we’re afraid of the consequences of losing the ball and we’ve become too risk-averse and therefore predictable and less dangerous. The loss of confidence can be put down to the injuries and constantly changing team. The settled team knew each other, trusted each other and their reactions and plays were almost automatic.

With Ings out, and then Redmond, followed by Armstrong, Djenepo and Walcott at different times, the elements of the press lost their automation. Losing Vestergaard broke a solid understanding at CB and made us more vulnerable and at the same time, with Romeu and/or Diallo out the ability to win the ball back and stem opposition attacks in midfield vanished. It became too easy for teams to find attacking passes. Then finally losing KWP we’ve an attacking threat, an out ball and pace in defensive covering have all been missed.

Since Danny’s been back you can see his frustration: things just aren’t working and he’s not getting the service which arises from quick, incisive and imaginative passes.

It’ll be contentious, but although Salisu will eventually be a good player for us, at the moment he is nowhere near justifying breaking up the Bednarek/Vest partnership. I thought we improved significantly when he went off. You can’t underestimate the importance of understanding in a settled defence.

And I feel sorry for McCarthy. Playing behind a constantly changing defence has affected his confidence but for me he should still be first choice. FF doesn’t relieve pressure as he’s permanently rooted to his line. His kicking was ok last night and he made a couple of timely dashes out to collect through balls, but I don’t think he covered himself in glory for the goal: he was easily dumped on the floor and rounded from an acute angle.

So, we obviously need KWP and Diallo back (although Armstrong was brilliant in that position). Then, for me, preferably McCarthy back but definitely no Salisu. His time will come, but not now

I think Ings and Tella could work together. Redmond is a liability at the moment so my AMs are Armstrong plus Djenepo/Minamino.

So, guessing Diallo might make Saturday but not KWP, my team is

Mccarthy (Forster if you insist, but it’ll wreck my nerves)
Djenepo/Ramsey Bednarek Vestergaard Bertrand
Diallo JWP
Armstrong Minamino
Ings Tella

If Diallo is out, play Ramsey, Armstrong to DM and Djenepo to AM. If Djenepo is out too (given our luck, he will be) Tella to AM and Adams with Ings. Redmond as a last resort only.

COYR. Stop this rot


Your 3rd para summed it up. Injuries & team changes resulting in a loss of confidence. I think Foster deserves a chance if only to build his confidence and to remind McCarthy that he might not be an automatic choice. Redmond needs a rocket up his arse and Ings looks very demotivated/other things on his mind. I’d like to see Mini play up front with Ings just for the hell of it for this game.


A good summation. Although Salisu didn’t have his best game last night, it doesn’t help the back four having a fish out of water at right back. Bednarek is excellent at covering and makes a good CH with either JV or Salisu I would imagine but he throws the whole balance out at right back. We looked more of a threat when we changed our shape as you say, and when Stuey was able to drive forward with the ball. Although it was another defeat, it wasn’t a surprise as we never get anything at Goodson and there were signs that confidence was returning when we started to push forward constantly. I’m expecting Diallo and KWP to make a big difference in our performance if both fit for the Blades game. The slump has been grim but it has also been a steep learning curve for both Ralph and the cub. Interesting that he has gone from wanting a small squad to work with to a large one!

McCarthy might fancy being out of the league team and instead pick up a Cup winners medal in May.


Armstrong did very well, but we simply cannot afford to play him at DM/#6.
It meant he started his runs too deep, we lost much of our creativity & creation of space.
Sure he may helps us not lose there, but we need to start getting points, we need him further forward.
If that means starting a nipper if Diallo is not fit, so be it. We really are no good chasing a game against sides like Sheff Utd/Burnley etc


Poll added to the OP

We will win because as the poll says, we have to.

Plus, it’s Sheff Utd, so we will win because they are very good at getting beaten / hardly scoring.

Plus I have a very good mate who is a Blade and I will not hear the end of it if we screw this one up.

Plus we are massively overdue a win.

Plus Ralph deserves some luck.

Plus it might be sunny.

Is that enough? :thinking:


Sheff Utd are playing tonight so hoping for a turned ankle or a calf strain or two

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Red cards would be acceptable too.

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Are Dean or Mason involved?

Sheff U looked very spritely & Brewster & McGoaldrought were firing.
Then Mrs P_F switched on Netflix and that was end of my internet access

Wish granted. But SU still winning. Villa look slow and out of ideas