School Photographs


Are you on the back saet there pap? :lou_lol:

Looks like Teacher has nicked your fags


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I like this one.

lol that should be frm logo! Srs frm, for srs ppl!


We should photoshop him onto a Saints player and try and get him in the next Hagiology tome.


It’s the intensity of expression that gets me, it’s like he’s trying to Use The Force.

Bet he looked like that when he got banned from Saintsweb lol


Actually, Bear, I think Bletch’s strap line goes better with that photo:

“Debate or fuck off”


The tales we have from that school trip to Holland.


Non-uniform day. Good fucking grief.


I love this thread.


Slightly more tenuous, but here’s a photo of me dolled up for a fancy dress competition at my school’s Summer fete.

I won. Obviously.



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Non-uniform day. Good fucking grief.

Is that a Donington 1988 T-shirt I spy there?

  1. Whitesnake.


I nearly shared that non uniform day photo. Man in drag was our art teacher.


Ah, was at that one too. Was very good. Remember Thunder and Aerosmih being extremely good, as was the Coverdale and Vai show.

Did '88, '90 & '92.


I went for three years on the trot. 1990, 1991 and 1992. '88 was a little before my time, and I’m gutted I missed it.


1977 or maybe 1978. Either way, a long time ago… That’s me on the left, trying to look cool in my shades.


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Man in drag was our art teacher.

:lou_sad: I was just about to ask for her number


Is that just outside Barton Peveril?


Right, front centre, is our mr Pap and the bloke in the tracksuit, well that’s me. Seems like a different life time!


This is also me on the right hand size and the only photo I can find of the old Cantell school buildings anywhere on the Internet!


This should not be allowed as it IS actually quite cool - you all like a new wave band, a bit of post punk chic :lou_is_a_flirt: