💤 Scheduled downtime

:zzz: Scheduled downtime


Impressive that you can get back up so quickly.

What’s your secret?



If we’re acting out a discussion with a hidden sexual undertone relating to my penis being able to become erect quickly, then you should realise that a) you’re making me very uncomfortable and b) this isn’t a PM.

If we’re not acting out such a discussion then forget I said anything.


It’s not a PM? Shit.

Anyway, given the average age of the membership I’m sure your secrets on how to get a website up quickly will be of interest, given that the innerweb wasn’t invented when we were nippers.

Any tips on getting a repeat boner quickly I’m sure will go down* well with said audience

  • That wasn’t a sexual innuendo btw**
    ** Though it is now.

Edit: And yes I forgot to have a slash before my asterisk


The site will be going down in a while for a while…

12:40 AM (Europe: Paris), 3:40 PM (America: Los Angeles), 10:40 PM (Asia: Manilla)12:55 AM (Europe: Paris), 3:55 PM (America: Los Angeles), 10:55 PM (Asia: Manilla)


And we’re back


Sotonians will be going down in a little while for a little while.

8:10 PM (Europe: Paris), 11:10 AM (America: Los Angeles), 6:10 PM (Asia: Manilla)8:25 PM (Europe: Paris), 11:25 AM (America: Los Angeles), 6:25 PM (Asia: Manilla)


And we’re back.


Sotonians will be going down in a little while for a little while.

12:30 AM (Europe: Paris), 3:30 PM (America: Los Angeles), 10:30 PM (Asia: Manilla)12:45 AM (Europe: Paris), 3:45 PM (America: Los Angeles), 10:45 PM (Asia: Manilla)


Are we back yet?



Piss taking :mapoftasmania:.


Sotonians is going down for a while in a while.

7:35 PM (Europe: Paris), 10:35 AM (America: Los Angeles), 5:35 PM (Asia: Manilla)7:45 PM (Europe: Paris), 10:45 AM (America: Los Angeles), 5:45 PM (Asia: Manilla)



And we’re back.


Sotonians is going down for a while in a while.

5:15 PM (Europe: Paris), 8:15 AM (America: Los Angeles), 3:15 PM (Asia: Manilla)5:25 PM (Europe: Paris), 8:25 AM (America: Los Angeles), 3:25 PM (Asia: Manilla)



And we’re back.



How many times has @saintbletch gone down on this thread?

this is a freedom of information request.


As with all good responses to freedom of information requests I will obfuscate my response.

There are two answers to this question below.


Once you’ve worked out the two answers. Multiply one of the answers (not saying which) by my age and divide by the number of shirts I own (a topic of conversation with Mrs Bletch only a moment ago) then add the whole integer component of the golden ratio and finally stick it up your fucking arse.


As far as I can tell it works out to 5 & 1/2" of gilded pleasure up my virgin arse whilst Beltch has gone down 96 times.