💤 Scheduled downtime

:zzz: Scheduled downtime



2:30 PM (Europe: Paris), 5:30 AM (America: Los Angeles), 12:30 PM (Asia: Manilla)3:00 PM (Europe: Paris), 6:00 AM (America: Los Angeles), 1:00 PM (Asia: Manilla)

The Sotonians server will be going down for a while in a while.

You won’t notice any immediate differences but I’m installing some stuff that, in the mid-term, will allow us to hold elections (@TheSoviet be advised!) and will also let us associate dates, times and locations with topics.



And we’re back.

Nothing to see.

Move along.



Going down for a short while in a short while.

6:15 PM (Europe: Paris), 9:15 AM (America: Los Angeles), 4:15 PM (Asia: Manilla)6:30 PM (Europe: Paris), 9:30 AM (America: Los Angeles), 4:30 PM (Asia: Manilla)




And we’re back.


The site will be going down in a while for a while.

12:45 AM (Europe: Paris), 3:45 PM (America: Los Angeles), 10:45 PM (Asia: Manilla)12:59 AM (Europe: Paris), 3:59 PM (America: Los Angeles), 10:59 PM (Asia: Manilla)



You’ll be going down


Is that a chat-up line?


…and we’re back.



The site will be going down in a while for a while…

10:00 PM (Europe: Paris), 1:00 PM (America: Los Angeles), 8:00 PM (Asia: Manilla)10:15 PM (Europe: Paris), 1:15 PM (America: Los Angeles), 8:15 PM (Asia: Manilla)


Still working @ 9:06pm


Was it GMT or BST?


Was back up quicker than I’d planned.


And we’re back!