💤 Scheduled downtime

Sotonians is going down for a while in a while

We’ll be making some changes that mean that the site will need to be down for a short period of time.

See the end of the thread for more details about the timing and reasons behind bringing the site down.

Belay that. I’m not entirely happy with things as they stand. I’ll announce a new downtime start time in a bit.

The new time is 18:00 people.

Don’t report any squirliness until about 18:15.

We should be okay now. Soz. Had a couple of problems. It actually took 15 minutes, for once.

I’ve been beavering away on some things to zip things up a little.

Will be putting changes live at around 7pm tonight. Usual caveats about not moaning if things are broken during that time.

We’re back up. Latest Topics and Category views are a bit faster :cool:

Number of upvotes/downvotes listed per topic now reflects all upvotes and downvotes on the topic itself, not just the opening post.

Noticed a small issue concerning people without avatars, and am looking into it.

Just allocate them a picture of a wanger, they will soon sort it out

Yeah, I have fixed that now. If there was any slowness just then, that was me.

People should have default avatars if they haven’t uploaded them.

Just got an error 503

Originally posted by @CB-Saint

Just got an error 503

Cheers, BBB. We were on top of it, and I actually restarted the server, giving you your 503; Service Unavailable.

BBB? Pah!

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Sorry CB. It has been a trying day on the Sotonians front :blush:

I’ve got some changes that are going up very soon.

Will attempt to be complete by about 3pm. site might be unresponsive or throw an error as we put it up.

And it’s all done.

Major speed upgrade to "Following"

Apologies for any convenience, if there was any.

July 7, 2018 10:00 PM :arrow_right: July 7, 2018 10:45 PM

The Sotonians’ server will be offline for a little while in a little while.

Stand clear of the doors.


Downtime over.

Please mind the gap.

For some reason I read that as ‘please mind the pap’.


Why is there an angry Japan flag on my post?

Take another look!