'Sanchez' - a new epic historical drama from Grandee Productions

Ok fellow sotonians, following the gigantuan succss of the recent Grandee production 'Sotonians Transfer House Saga- season 1, Grandee Productions is currently pitching a new epic to Papsworld enterprises Inc, to commission a stunning new historical epic: ‘Sanchez’

The drama follows the eponymous hero as he fights for freedom against the political and liberal elite during the Mexican - US war of the mid 19th century.

Set against the ‘western, gunslinging’ backdrop of 1830s Northern and Central Americas, this monumental tale will span 1832-1855, as our hero evolves from embittered and much maligned canditate in the local village elections, to one of the greatest leaders of the time, through the systematic extermination of lilly livered liberals.

Think Machete crossed with the Magnificent 7, as Sanchez pulls together a rag tag bunch of lost souls and forms one the the most terrifying and successful vigilante squads ever to bring terror to a forum. Marvel at how these once embittered enemies, become the firmest of respectful friends. Be shocked to the core at the graphic violence and sexual bravado that becomes as much a legend as the hero himself.

With a strong set of supporting characters, we see many of the stars of ‘Transfer Saga House’ return to delight the audience!

Potentially Featuring amongst many others:

Los Siete Magnificos

Bletch as Bletchez Feminista - Mean, lean and slighty effinate

Fatso as Fernando Mastabatorre - deadly with his hands

DubaiPhil as Philipe Du Bay - the Green killer

Fowllyd as The Fllyd kid - Young, handsome and something to be determined

TCK as The Chihuahuau - small, perfectly formed expert wth Dynamite and nitro

CB Saint as AKA ‘The Fryer’ - roasts you alive with his portable stove

and starring as the eponymous hero

**Barry Sanchez **

Pitted against the evil liberal forces of:

Pap as General Cleverland S Scrotum - the leader of the liberal forces in the North

Areola Grandee as Lieutentent General R Sole Grandee - the lilly livered middle classed nemesis of our hero

BTripz as Gunner Rear - a crack shot marksman, a serial vistor of brothels who has an incredible itchy scrotum

Gavstar - as Gavin Stardust - a 1970s Glam rock idol mysteriously transported back in time to 1830s America

Numptyboi - as Corporal ‘Numpty’ Boyce - wielder of a a cutting wit (as yet to be defined)

and of course Bearsy as Chief Bear Arse - local Native American chief, very wise but speaks in riddles and with a dodgy syntax - think Yoda but dumb as fuck

And many more to anounced!

For this production we need the support of Papsworld Enterprises Inc, so if you want to see this epic feature on these pages in the next few months, comment below and show us your supoort or make a stand if there is npo place for the Epic on these boards (in which case Grandee productions will pitch it to FiverwebTV)


You mentioned Marvel.

I’ m out. DC Universe only or else God knows how many spin offs we will all have to star in.

The Green Killer though, like that but if I’m honest it has been ages since I’ve even hit one let alone killed it

Whats the going rate to be used as an extra in this epic tale of two Sanchez’s

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Depends if it is dirty or not.


The going rate?

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Tokes, PS, no extra roles for you this time - real speaking roles, just in script development right now… awaiting the green light form Papsworld Enterprises and to be fair, the OK from our hero. It will not be mean or nasty, but we will have some dodgy pisstaking out of myself as well as all others in an effort to provide a mild distraction from the doom and goom on the pitch and in Bazza’s threads. Its truely a healing experience :lou_lol:


ooh! ooh! Can I be the swarthy unshaven mexican cantina owner dispensing shots of tequila and mescal and sage advice to the locals and gringos - never saying too much* but wisely nodding when overhearing nefarious plans being discussed at the bar. He’s also open to significant bribes for the information **

* I suspect the budget won’t stretch to a living wage for a jumped up extra from the last film

**See * above


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If you’re not feeling it yet…

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Sounds good… but we have an opening for the goat herder, and he doesn’t just stare at them :lou_surprised:

“Sounds good… but we have an opening for the goat herder, and he doesn’t just stare at them…”

Ok. What’s the going rate?

3 shekels and a copy of ‘Sanchez - a life on the boards’

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The Goat needs a role … fighter or a lover?



Lover he is trying to suck him off.

Being a fluffer again is by definition, not a speaking role.

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My first real downvote. What a moment! congrats tit saint!

Jesus! you are a pencil dick troll + 10 nemesis points.

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Yeah yeah. Try saying that on set :lou_sunglasses:

OK Areola Grandee.

On first reading your idea I liked it. Despite a tiny pain in my left side when I realise I wasn’t selected to play a part despite being the best actor on sotonians, I still smiled.

On awaking this morn the pain has intensified and I find myself extremely uncomfortable with supporting you on this epic tale. I’m sorry it came to this but it had to be said.