🇻🇪 Same old story in Venezuela?

:venezuela: Same old story in Venezuela?


It does strike me as rather odd that regime change has been a staple of US foreign policy since Korea, and that very few in the western media question its validity.

There is absolutely no way that the US would tolerate another country doing to them what they’ve done several times over, whether its the economic hitman route, the CIA sponsored coup, the proxy war, direct military invasion or a combination of some or all of the above.

It’s an obscenely imperialist and anti-democratic concept.




Have at it Barry.





Interesting thread which exposes fake news re Maduro.



Clearly Africa isn’t interesting enough to the USA and the rest of the West…




Thought i was on a football thread when i read this.

****** is like a mixture of several elements that create a character who, in all honesty, oscillates between laughable and worrying.

Alas no, it’s the US puppet.


Long read but very interesting!

So how nice of the US to send aid. The millions they’ve chucked at the right in Venezuela already makes them very generous indeed.

Maybe stop the sanctions instead?


I think the real problem for the US here is that Maduro seems to have the support of the army, and has the support of a great deal of the people. It might actually take the full on invasion plan to do this.


And there’s a president who doesn’t understand anything about anything but has a lot of machsimo who would like to be in charge of the army (he got out of being part) to show people he’s the greateat president EVER!


It will probably follow the Syrian model. There will be an opposition demo where snipers take a few out. This will then be blamed on Maduro and arms will begin to flow to 'moderate rebel (opposition) groups.
Now, if only the US could arrange for proxy (Israeli) forces to be on hand in South America.


Well that’s the difficult thing for them. Any neighbouring countries that might normally be counted on to do the US’s bidding are going to have difficulty justifying it with their own people, chavistas or not.

Where does it have bases?


This might help


I’m sure someone will help out The Donald.


Yes, that thought did occur.