🇻🇪 Same old story in Venezuela?

:venezuela: Same old story in Venezuela?


Humanitarian aid and a swathe of NGO’s protecting human rights. Now why does that sound familiar?


UK and Spain have just recognised Guaido as interim president.


It’s all building up just as they planned. Apparently the US has 76 total bases in Latin America and a fair few of those in Colombia. They have plans for up to 30,000 troops going there.

A lot of the information coming out seems to be going through the greyzone project, so worth keeping an eye on them.

A decent piece on the whole thing(history and the failings of all included).




C’mon now. 28 people got a vote. Sort of.


Mp Chris Williamson on Channel 4 news defending Maduro. Bit diappointed in Snow tonight.


The US won’t do a Grenada, it wouldn’t get the support now from within the Country let alone elsewhere, if elections won’t be held again the US and others will sanction the shit out of the Country which is totally and utterly wrong BUT they spunked money against the wall as well intentioned as it was before all of this, this was the US’s opportunity to sow unrest when the petrol prices went west.


Providing education, housing and health care is spunking money up the wall?


Right and noble things to achieve, have to be costed though, how is corruption in the Country?


Yes. Have you learnt nothing from our media?
Tax breaks for the rich and slow death, depending on geography and/or skin colour for everyone else(after your life of slavery), is the only sane approach, according to the west(which perversely, will soon be picked up on and used as proof they aren’t really racist).
Please pay more attention to the media. It’s their job to tell us how to think and they get so angry when you point out obvious mistakes and deliberate bullshit.
Get ready for some of those so so innocent humanitarian bombs(sssh).


This country?
Fucking rife.


I take it that means its rife there.


Having done a bit of research the agency who talk about corruption and provide a country index was funded by a company who used corruption. So bit stuck at moment. You found anything to back up your corruption claims?
And yes free health care, edcuation and housing for the poor shoykdnt be considered as a noble thing but a basic thing for all.
If the decrease in cost of oil hadn’t happened thrn maybe theyd still have been able to continue to provide that. The never ending intervention in other countries politics / economies etc also doesnt help.


The Government should have diversified, did they?


Easy for you to say after the fact. What should happen now is more important surely?


Of course, I probably did at the time, Norway have done so.
I’m not an expert on Chavezism but his aims widely missed the mark, people were still hungry and poverty was still rife.


Not what was. What needs to happen now?


Well they’re fucked, the economy is screwed, how do you repair it?


Dunno, I was asking you.