🇻🇪 Same old story in Venezuela?

:venezuela: Same old story in Venezuela?


Yes i am.

No, definitely not.

Explain please?

Be more specific. Some examples of what you think governments and Big businesses believe.

Why does one of two compulsive liars have to be telling the truth. How about, both compulsive liars are unsurprisingly lying?


Russia(you can use that one towards your target figure) is not as far i know, denouncing a democratically elected leader and trying to replace him with their own lackey, going against democracy and international law.
If you have evidence of Russia(that’s two off your target) trying to destroy democracy in Venezuela please reveal it to the rest of the world.


Because one claims one thing and the the other the polar opposite, Labour sold the diesel lie as well didn’t they?


No Russia merely invades and occupies nations to stop them entering NATO.


Show me the claims from both.


So it definitely has no place on this thread.


No don’t , please. This is another thread going off track yet again.


Condemn Russia as you condemn the US and Israel or you’re a hypocrite.


Back to this for a moment.
Does this mean that every time you mention a certain nation(i’ve helped you with your target enough), you will be a hypocrite without mentioning the great Satan?
This’ll be interesting :wink:


Read what I wrote, all World issues are nearly all in the main sponsored by a few nations, US, Israel, Russia, Saudi and China, they’re all the same, you can’t or won’t see it.


He can put them on the Planet Earth thread, where it’s very relevant.
I would like to find out what he means, rather than the vague reference we’ve been given.
I won’t answer here, if he puts it on this thread.


Who’s breaking international law and trying to destroy democracy in Venezuela. America or Russia?
Single word answer will suffice, thank you.


I’d say the US but what international law are they breaking?
Have Russia broken international law reclaiming Crimea?


This thread is about Venezuela barry. If you want to masturbate over Putin’s behaviour in other countries please do so on the appropriate threads. Crying that ‘it’s all connected’ is bollocks.


It is, its geopolitics.


Then start an appropriate thread for your geo-political arguments. Infecting every other thread is shite.


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I have no idea what you are on about. Stay on topic: VENEZUELA. It’s quite simple. If you have nothing to contribute to the topic that is relevant then please take it elsewhere.


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Look up national sovereignty for a start.
Here’s Mr P from the easts words(1:05). He understands international law and what is illegally being attempted, by an aggressive warmonger, with a hideous history of exactly this kind of thing. The aggressor hits back with, this will make you laugh, “Maduro is morally bankrupt”. Imagine the level of disconnect from reality needed not to laugh at that(whilst finding it offensive to the intellect of a protoctista).

Edit: who is this news organisation, allowing both sides to have a say. I’m old enough to remember that in this country.