🇻🇪 Same old story in Venezuela?

:venezuela: Same old story in Venezuela?


So America and it’s allies are anti democratic.
Can we stop pretending otherwise now?
You’d have to have a fucking huge Tinfoil hat on to go along with this.


The answers people don’t want to hear maybe, the Yanks will bully the weak, the same way they have always done, the same way bigger Countries have always done.


My advice to you is accept the World is basically a shit place of bullies and arseholes, until women are equal in all parts of the planet and treated 100% equally with the same rights it’ll remain so.


Do you think a small country leaving a powerful group would be a mistake then?


Depends on what small Country and what powerful group obviously.


I understand what the world is. Accepting it is not an option. You accept the death of innocent children because you have the easy life.
That makes you the problem.


I find it disgusting but what can we do?
What can you do?
What have you done?


The gap in the length of the reply says it all.


Oh FFS I spoke too soon :man_facepalming:t3: This shit is retarded.


Or it says i went to sleep, but like the propaganda you follow, just make it up to suit.
As for this.

Stopping your passive acceptance would be a good place to start, if you really find it disgusting.


Humanitarian aid flooding in.


Its horrific, reminds me of the Russians arming the separatists in the Donbass.


Yep as always the big players get to fight it out in someone elses back garden…CUNTS. :rage:


Proxy wars once again and the innocents suffer.


There really is no similarity between the two, apart from the west’s attempt to destroy democracy.


There is but you don’t want to see it, when you say the West you make yourself seem blind, baised and swivel eyed.
Nations with arseholes as leaders, its not just the West, everywhere has them, your constant whacking of the West yet ignoring elsewhere only shows an agenda and nothing else really.
US = Leader = Arsehole
Russia = Leader = Arsehole
China = Imperialist and expansionist = Arseholes

Its boring SOS it really is.


Hmm here or the “Laughed” thread :man_shrugging:



Probably true but isn’t Chavez’s daughter now one of the wealthiest women in Latin America due to her father syphoning off Venezuela’s riches? Same with Maduro’s family as well.


That is a myth about his daughter. Has been debunked as a bellingcat style evidence rabbit hole.