🇻🇪 Same old story in Venezuela?

:venezuela: Same old story in Venezuela?


So you’re saying his daughter isn’t wealthy? Or Maduro’s family? From Venezuelan resources?


No, Im saying it’s a myth that Chavez daughter is “one of the wealthiest women in Latin America”, as I posted above.


Much is she worth? What skills did she have to become an ambassador for Venezuela? I thought she had approx $2 Billion in an Andorran bank account under a different guise.

The Maduro’s?


That’s the claim that has been debunked. Don’t know about the Maduro. Do you?


Syphoned loads off, what about his 2nd in command?


Could you link that so it’ll clear the air for most of the World, cheers.


Not sure Barry. My Latin American accountancy knowledge obviously isn’t in your league.


Did you know Cabello’s daugher was living in the US living a millionaire lifestyle until she was deported back to the place her father robbed from, the sworn enemy hey?
Hypocrisy abounds.

Putin’s wealthy as well, I didn’t know KGB pensions were that good…



What can we do?

Well, for a start, we can stop spreading narratives that let these big evil countries off the hook, or pointing the finger at Moscow whenever your media commands you to look the other way.

For a start.


I think the BOE has probably the better record of robbing Venezuelan coffers. £1.4 billion was it?


Has Putin robbed his nations wealth for him and his cronies?
Just asking like?
You don’t seriously believe they made their own money?
How could they afford the lifestyle they live?
Fair is fair.


How did the Bank Of England rob £1.4 Billion of Venezuela’s money?
Your wording of robbing may be incorrect.
Holding is the correct term.


…and I hear Teresa May lives in a big house in London and a mansion in the country too.:open_mouth:


It’s just resting in their account :lou_wink_2:


I’m sure her husband has benefited from inside deals and underhand share trading but as bad as that is it won’t compare to Putin’s selling of Russia’s assets to his mates.


Well, if fair is fair, I think you need to recognise the plundering age in which the oligarchs made their money, when Yeltsin was in power and Western interests were paying good money to keep him in power long enough for it all to happen.

And hey, when Putin finally gains power, he only has to convince a relative handful of filthy rich blokes in Russia to get anything done. Another classic case of Western blowback, if fair is fair.


I don’t disagree but that doesn’t excuse it, why were we paying to have a drunk in power?

Because they can’t find the red nuclear button.


Oh aye. Because Putin has been banging it like he’s playing Hyper Sports.

Let me remind you Barry, we’ve got a big orange cunt leading a procession of other cunts in declaring that a democratically elected government is illegitimate.

If you think the Big Bad Bear is the antagonist in all of that you’re a fucking fruit-loop, even by the official statements the US administration has made itself.


But the orange one and Putin are bedfellows, you deny Putin helped Trump and there was collusion?
What is Russian foreign policy?