🇻🇪 Same old story in Venezuela?

:venezuela: Same old story in Venezuela?


Oh sod off Hague.


Oi! Potty mouth!


I know let myself down again.


I’m having trouble reconciling precisely what that was. Perhaps the site can decide.

  • No more babies for “Babs” Sanchez. Bazza is bowling from the pavilion end now.
  • Further evidence of Barry’s dark in law family secrets, this time featuring family friends that are descendants of those that fled the Third Reich through a Nazi rat run.
  • All of the above.

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Very…you know…fnr fnr.



Jesus that’s desperate propaganda isn’t it. America tries to sends stuff to their traitor puppet(how many guns?), from Colombia(you understand the significance of that?) and the guardian try to make the government sound bad. Your a sucker for it Barry.
Why hasn’t the traitor puppet been arrested, as he should be.
Go to London: claim some bloke that has never even run in a national election is the rightful leader. Then insight violence and get backing from a known foreign aggressor, who has illegally stolen billions of the nations money.
Let us know how you get on(if they allow you a phone call).


Just putting what the paper has said, don’t be touchy, you’d have thought hungry people would want some food though, not very humanitarian is it on a human level is it?


You’re right. America’s actions have been anything but humanitarian. The warmongers are the ones that refused to sell this stuff, but will hand it over to a traitor(plus guns).
Fucking nasty evil cunts, is and always has been more appropriate than humanitarian when the US is involved.
How do you think you’d do, acting like that in London and what would you be called by the BBC?


@Barry-Sanchez, reminding us all that there is nothing that cannot be over explained.


Thanks Pap.


Is that thanks on a gratitude level? :smiley:


Would do you think?


Grammar and or spell check maybe Baz?


Bollocks to that.



A distinct possibility, why not accept it (the food), feed your people, say thats the reason and get on with it.


Why not lift the sanctions and stop the problems you’ve caused?


Thats not going to happen though is it?


Why not write a letter, make a call or catch a flight out there? You seem to have all the answers