🇻🇪 Same old story in Venezuela?

:venezuela: Same old story in Venezuela?


Invasion, suppression of freedom and democracy and occupation know no borders and shouldn’t be confined solely to something or someplace you happen not to like.

If you can’t condemn Russia and China I take your condemnation of the US as a hypocritical mock shock indignation point scoring exercise.


So you can’t answer, as it will show your hypocrisy.
Your second paragraph just shows up what you are. You keep trying to turn the conversation away from the anti democratic aggressors. Shame on you.
Barry’s book.



Very honest of you Barry.
When you take them down, please do explain democracy and who it applies to.


Democracy is very simple, when eligible people can vote in elections.


The Venezuelans did less than a year ago. 70% voted for the present government and 0% voted for the anti democratic puppet.
Eligible people? That makes the US and UK undemocratic, as both have been denying people the vote.
So Venezuela is a democracy and the warmongering western nations aren’t.
Glad we’ve cleared that up :blush:


Where have I disagreed on that? I’ve said if the people want a vote it should be given, nothing more nothing less.
You support undemocratic systems so I’ll pass on your advocacy of Venezuela and their current institutions.


The people don’t want a vote, only the lying warmongers are saying that.
A lot of people in this country want another vote about the EU. You back them? Nothing more, nothing less?
Show me where i have backed undemocratic systems, or admit your making it up to suit your agenda(much like the warmongers you always favour).




That’s not showing anything. Only proving your ridiculous obsession.
Have a read of this this and ask yourself why you keep falling for it.



I’d like to see that on the BBC.


I knew a Chilean once of German descent, sound bloke and a hit with the ladies, he loved Pincohet and the regime, said it made Chile rich, whether it did or didn’t I never argued as he was about 190cm and 95kg and not an ounce of fat on him, man I was in awe of that guy…


Not sure this is particulalry relevant.


That lad had the birds dripping off him I’ll tell you.


Lovely. Shame they appeared to like men who liked Pinochet.


Barry’s coming out. Don’t hold him back :joy:


It isn’t, you should know Baz by now



The ladies didn’t care about Pinochet I can assure you.


This picture in a piece by William Hague, is hilarious :joy::joy::joy: