🇻🇪 Same old story in Venezuela?

:venezuela: Same old story in Venezuela?


link? I’ve been looking and the price I’ve seen is $275 (still frankly ridiculous).


he looked like he was eating it fine. Who looks good when taking a mouth of a sandwich/baguette? No one. Apparently Cameron ate a hot dog with a knife and fork afterwards because he didn’t want the same crap coming from the papers. It was really a ridiculous thing to pick up on.
Not sure it’s identity politics - please explain.


There’s a simple enough explanation. Barry, not for the first time, is talking utter bilge.


It looked awful, shouldn’t have done it and as for eating bacon and being a Jew secualr or not? Well he was never going to win that was he?


I saw it on Twitter at the time, maybe the meal was that? Regardless of price his nation was and is getting thinner whilst he eats at a fashionable steak restaurant where you can have sprinkled gold on your beef…That was the actions of a dictator, is he wealthy Maduro?


You’re not cynical. Just ignorant, hopefully.

There is huge variation in outlook from those that would self identify as Jewish, from ultra orthodox Jews, that definitely would observe the requirements of kosher, to secular Jews, that might enjoy a bacon sarnie and not generally bother God too much.


Pap its not kosher and also a taboo, how many practising Jews do you know? And how many do you know eat Pork?
What is a secular Jew Pap, I think you’re ignorant in the term, please educate me?


And similarly one of my team is Muslim and will happily chow down on a side of pork, bacon buttie or a non-vegan Greggs sausage roll if it’s put in front of him. Preferably with a beer.

The whole religious pork thing is an irrelevance in this day and age - apart from either very conservative Jews/Muslims or politicians using it to try and demonise those who they fear / or who ignore their pathetic bleating*

*soz, that’s sheep.


So non observant then? Simply a person who doesn’t follow a faith?


And my point being the pork thing is an irrelevant excuse used by people with an axe to grind that’s all I’m trying to say Barry. Don’t digress.


I’m not being funny but how can you say you’re not something and then in the next word say you are?
If you’re secular surely you’re simply secular not secular and add faith/or even race?
I suppose you could have traits of being brought up in a certain environment so you’d relate to said group but why that would need to be mentioned is beyond me.


Well, I guess your upbringing gives you a sense of family and self. Just because you are secular doesn’t mean you can’t identify with a religion. I was brought up on The Waterside which was about as “Christian” as you could get back in the day. I’m vehemently secular, but I have a certain latent “affinity” for it, because that’s what I know. I wouldn’t know a Minorah if someone whacked me around the head with one.

I don’t bother God and he/she/insert gender of choice doesn’t bother me. It’s a pretty good agreement I find.

Again, my point is that the whole jewish / pork thing is being misused by people who should know a lot better better.


Now I understand that but surely its an oxymoron? (I know you’re thinking it but don’t type the predictable ha ha)


You don’t need any more than this, to remind you why backing the anti democratic Yankees, is so wrong, every single time.

Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business.

  • Michael Ledeen, holder of the Freedom Chair at the American Enterprise Institute

They’re still smashing Iraqs head against the wall every day, but have handed over Libya to the slavers.


I don’t think its quite like that, because the US is a democratic Country of sorts it allows and we can see what it does so we can quite rightly complain, the other big two aren’t democracies so do as they please basically in their sphere of influence, when these clash we get proxy wars.


Are you really that naive?


No thats the issue, why aren’t you crying over Tibet? Or Georgia?


Here we go. All aboard the Barry Sanchez world tour bus.


I’ll repeat it again for you Barry(look up who said it).

If you believe this isn’t true, you are living the msm propaganda lie.
Can you explain what democracy means to you and how it seems to be different, depending on the country?


Here we go again on the Goat and SOS selective shite nation, predictable, boring and hypocritical.