🇻🇪 Same old story in Venezuela?

:venezuela: Same old story in Venezuela?


For those that don’t know.


For those that get confused about simple things.


Of course I accept it and I welcome it, I also welcome the right of the people to ask for a new election, if it helps the nation what is the issue?


So you absolutely accept a “people’s vote” in this country, as unlike an election that has fixed terms(here and there), there is no law to stop it?
There is hard evidence that far more people in this country support that, than Venezuelans wanting a new vote.
I’ll be against you, as i accept democracy.
I look forward to reading you petition for it :joy:


If there was another vote on Brexit I’d disagree but I’d accept it if there was a consensus, I’m a democrat above all.
As a sidenote an MP told my wife on Friday as much as she wants to remain the popular vote or peoples vote probably won’t happen as they feel they’d lose, I agree.


So do i, about both countries.
Let’s deal with ours and let the rest of the world deal with their own. Wouldn’t that be self determination?


I don’t disagree with you there.


Harmony at last. This could get boring very quickly.
I’m tempted to throw a firework in the Brexit thread😁


Nothing like a bit of shouty online mob rule giving one star reviews to set you up for the day, eh?

Armchair revolutionaries…


Indeed. Leader of country eats in restaurant shocker.
Interesting to note that the outrage was in USA and was cheered by Marc Rubio who is now calling for regime change.


His people are starving, and this?


Maybe he couldnt find the gruel kitchen. Its hardly claiming for a duck house or a 50 yard car journey is it? Presumably he was in Turkey to try and work ways around the crippling US sanctions.


Its probably worse, eating a meal for over a $1000 dollars when your nation is starving due to in some parts of your actions is galling, imagine if that was done here? He was returning from China, see more games and influence.


The meal was probably free as he was invited. It’s a cheap headline brewed in the US to sucker the gullible and de-legitimize the President.
Did a bacon sandwich make you vote Tory?


Unless I’m cynical why would a Jew eat bacon? Grab the working mans vote? Appeal to the masses?
Irrespective of who paid for the $1000 steak its galling his nation is starving whilst he is living the high life, so much for socialism and togetherness.




Miliband described hims self as a Jewish Atheist. I know you will probably want to comment on that a lot. I am sure he was told to do lots of things to make him look more electable as every politician would be. It’s a shame as if you listen to his podcast he comes across really well.
I’m not sure it did cost $1000.


So its identity politics at its finest, I think you’ll find he uses secular Jew which means what exactly?
Cake and eat it?


Maduro’s steak was approximately between $800-$1000 dollars.


Or bacon but he couldn’t eat that properly which tells you he doesn’t really eat it.