🇻🇪 Same old story in Venezuela?

:venezuela: Same old story in Venezuela?


Poverty etc decreased in the initial years. It’s in recent years (with you know a global economic crisis, oil prices and a concerted intervention from outside the country) that has brought back high level of poverty.
I find it amusing that Trump bangs on about a wall and the economic latin american migrants whilst making them in Venezuela.


Well strangely I’m reading here it always had a large private sector even under Chavez, he accepted capitalism which seems strange.


Yet the migrants go the nation who made them poor?
Corruption, nepotism and short term plans I think are to blame, why has Latin America always been behind North America in terms of wealth and prosperity?


Well, I think this makes clear that it is another poxy proxy war in the making.

Same old adversaries lining up against each other in the background.

At least some EU countries don’t recognise the claims of Guaido and / or are asking for fresh elections. It’s a bit like Brexit though - neither side will accept the other winning


Its always a proxy war, as I’ve been saying, people quite rightly are hammering the yanks but hammer the Russians as well.


Don’t forget the Chinese Barry, never forget the Chinese.

Xin nian hao for tomorrow btw


The Chinese are Island grabbing and making them in the South China Seas, their imperialist ambitions go unchallenged by the US haters.


Says who?


I don’t see anything in the MSM really and certainly not on here, its the usual Israeli and US rhetoric.


This country wouldn’t be there, it’d be here.


A small selection of articles on China’s land grabbing. There’s plenty out there. He’ll, even I can find them…




Yes and the Japan Times will always put that in there, thats a bit like getting a nice news report about the US from Iran…


But the point is Barry, that there are stories out there if you care to look. How you interpret them is down to you.


And he’s dragged the discussion away again.
What’s being done by America and it’s lap dogs, goes against all belief in democracy.
Anyone that goes along with it, does not believe in democracy and self determination. The people voted less than a year ago. If that’s not democracy, then a vote two and a half years ago, is probably less legitimate.


Fab argument about Venezuela on Radio 4 - The Government looking complete tools - Crispin Cunt is a complete twat - Chris Williamson has called it - the USA are after oil & he is pretty much ashamed at the uk backing Trump.

BBC being remarkably balanced

Apparently there is a massive stash of cash in the uk put here by the bad guys (according to the UK) and the government want to give it back to the new “good guys”.

You couldn’t make up this farce. I thought our Govt were bad enough over Brexit. They’ve gone one lower here.


Yes but it is huge news and yet its hardly reported, now and again on MSM but not in the main, no doubt Beijing puts pressure on not to


The money has been illegally stolen, the same happened in the US. The anti democrates have literally stolen the money, to pay for the murder, from the people they plan to murder. The Venezuelan people.


You know what I’ll say to that, you’re rightly appalled at this but not actions closer to home.



Tell us about the steak?


Do you accept a democratic vote of the people or not?
How long should this vote be considered valid?