:saints: Saintsweb refugees - please read - help is at hand


We feel your pain.

You’re fleeing a brutal dictatorship where the populace are all twats, because the website is broken.

Welcome to Sotonians - a brutal dictatorship where the populace are all twats, but the website isn’t broken (yet).

We understand you’re just dropping by until Steve Grant throws more fivers at cheapskatehosting.com and Saintsweb starts to work again.

But that doesn’t matter. Have a read, introduce yourself, say “Hi”. We don’t bite.


… you forgot the bit where you tell em they are all cunts, but then again so are all of us on here… so they will feel right at home…

… But we don’t tolerate Twats, dicks, arseholes or pricks

Hi Sotonians, my name is Daryl, I a millennium twat, a Scorpio on the cusp with Sagittarius who seeks the truth from within.
You can’t miss me at St Mary’s, I’m the one who bought an LD Sports repllica kit with Wesley Hoedt on the back. Expect lively chat from me in the Football section…can’t wait to lock horns with Barry Sanchez…we really have missed his contributions over at Saints Web.


Looks like I got off on the wrong foot…gutted. :frowning:

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Well, I purposely didn’t swear in the op (other than twat) because it’s been scientifically proven to put off new visitors (Kate in the Chapel - wasn’t it? )

You stupid c*** (That will make then feel at home!)

I said introduce yourself, not post a lonely hearts’ desperately seeking…


Much apologies … if my foul linguistic shenanigans have put off any refugees that we could have rescued like Banksy in his big boat then I am truly sorry… but do we really want any of those twats who worry about the odd c**t being hosed down?

Previous life

My Saintsweb name was Saintbletch (I think).

I’d been a member since forever - Saintsforever as it happens.

I understand all the Keith, Amy, Fiver, Curry, Crushed Dreams, ATGPDPAAYCSW, etc memes.

I left in 2015 in a cloud of indignant rage at @pap’s banning by The Man and helped pap build Sotonians from nothing to something more than nothing.

Current role

Think of me as Scotty in the engine room - with less hair, a floral shirt and a shortened dick.

Guilty secret

I’m alcohol intolerant but don’t know it.

Behind my back people call after me

“you’ve shit yourself again”


This should do it! Pic of the Soviet…


Well that welcome worked

Not a squatter in site - miserable cunts


Most self aware thing you have ever said


Well would been if he had said

‘I am a member’

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Slowly, slowly catchy twatty.

To new visitors, we must look like a student house - full of people that know each other, seem friendly but hold each other in barely concealed contempt.

It’s going to take a while for any ex-Saintswebbers to introduce themselves - despite the £10,000 incentive that pap has put up*.

* terms and conditions apply.


To new visitors, we must look like a student house

Student house?
Young ones or Omega Gamma Delta fucked up frat nonsense?

We are but humble, loners… devoid of personality or style (see your wardrobe) …

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Most of the people I’d want over here already have accounts.

I’m talking @Whelk, I’m talking @shurlock, I’m talking @JBoy.

I have the latter on FB, and I believe a big part of the reason he’s there and not here is that he’s wasted here. Even though you can’t say the word cunt over there, his big thing was always delivering delicious insults to people he considered cunts.

Sadly, we did not make the grade :frowning:


Tell him we could try harder if it would help?

We have never really had a universal forum cunt of the likes that Ste has to deal with, so I will give him a knowing nod for that.

@Barry-Sanchez is perhaps the closest we got, and if we think of him in terms of their hellions, he’s a pussycat. Like a Christian rock band at Download.

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Nah, we are more Rammstein… with Barry being the guy in the gold outfit…

Are most people on this site previously from Saints web? I only found that a year or so back when I was looking for Summer transfer news and now that’s gone to shit I’ll have to get my fix of strangers bickering and talking shit from here!