Saints vs Watford (FA Cup) - Sat 27th Jan 3pm KO

Saints vs Watford (FA Cup) - Sat 27th Jan 3pm KO


Right, we’ve already seen that it’s the end of the fannying about fancy thread title. Before AG gets any idea of rekindling that old bollocks, I’ll grab the nettle. Same team for me. COYR


£12 per ticket. 3pm ko on a saturday. Plenty of availability. Happy days.


We’re definitely going to win this one. That’s all you need to know.


1-0 we’re going to win 1-0


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BT having anothe cup tie ‘rest’ - he’ll be starting match threads all season at thsi rate… bring back the comedy gold I tell ya, as per our last prem victory!


1-2 to Watford Saints being denied a 92nd minute equaliser due to a hand infringement.


Wot? No VAR?



Im looking forward to this one. Pressure off, good opposition, plenty of rest time to Wednesday.

Hope Hesketh gets a starting place with Boufal. Ive heard why he got took of away in Israel under Puel but I couldnt see it myself. I thought that run of games might be his breakthru

If he gets stronger mentally and physically he has always looked to me like he could move up a level. Ive my doubts about the technical ability of all the other under 23s including Simms and Mcqueen


Positivity @newyorksaint ??

Blimey :lou_lol:

All we need are a couple of transfers that’ll please Barry and all will be right with the world…


Sims is quality. Not sure why you’d question his technical ability. Stood out more than Hesketh in the youth teams.


Hard to know if it’s better to rest the big guns for Brighton, or play best team to get confidence & spirit.

Prob best to keep stum imo. Then we can hindsight Pellegrino and call him a Dumbass if it don’t work out either way.


If Gabbi starts I reckon Long will start against Brighton.

Reckon he might rest Bertrand and/or Cedric too.

Boufal could get a start instead of Tadic.


Hope he keeps the midfield the same as saturday.


MoPe has to set up his best team to win this. The mob will get worse with a loss.

Only limiting factor will be our Sports Science team (recovery) and the Flu bug.

Only change I envisage would be a nipper for the “feel good” factor for the fans

Unlikely to be a midget like Sims Hesketh or Olafemi as Watford are a big physical and fast team


I’d like to see Gabbiadini play in front of Tadic, Ward-Prowse and Boufal.

Lemina & PEH in midfield.

Back four picks itself unless Yoshida is back and then it will be the MP hat draw.

McCarthy in nets.


I reckon they will throw Four Star a bone and give him a game imo. Red Man also. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was quite a lot of changes, my prediction is:

Four Star

Piper Steve Jackson Hodor M.C. Queen

Stephen Davies Romeo

Red Man Boofle The Sims

Gabby O’Dean

Maybe a CB change also, Yo Shida if fit, maybe even Gardos, or that youth Cb who looks like Jack Cork.

Edit: Saints 0 - 4 Watford