Saints vs Swans season opener match thread

August 12th.

It all begins again.

Who will prevail in the epic contest of south coast vs South Wales?

And precisely whose coat is that jacket?


Another word to be added to the profanity filter.

Get the big question out of the way will VVD play?

Kenny what has he done @lifeintheslowlane

In the normal course of things you’ve got to be beating Swansea at home. However under circumstances of first game of season, new manager, and same squad problems as resulted in poor finish to last season (makeshift CB partnership, dodgy keeper, lightweight midfield) I am perfectly prepared to be Underwhelmed.


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Jesus Christ @bearsy has made a prediction based on fact knowledge and some sort of now how of how football works.

this could be a momentous season.

lets not fuck it up.


I did warn you, he’s been on one of those Open University courses all summer. He’s fully ITK now.

In the Kitchen


Pre season preview done. So chalk this down as a Swansea win or more likley a 0-0 bore

Voss gate? bloody hysterical - one of our crew moaned on Social Media about how crap Emirates have become due to cost cutting and how they only served Evian now in Business Class not Voss. #firstworldproblems rant of epic proportions.

And it went mega Viral down here. He’s been taking a total pasting, a hostie even ripped him to shreds when he tried to use EK to come back from his holibobs.

I can not predict this complex drama by myself. I will await the slug balancing sage to provide appropriate insight. Whatever the prediction he makes, it is bound to contain sound advice concerning VVDs move and the benefit to Saints of his move to the bigest club there ever was… you can already hear the ‘cchuck chuck chuck’ as he masturabates over another glorious victorious season as Liverhampton walk the prediction league undefeated.


No chance. He’s probably forgotten his team mates’ names by now.


I have us down as a 2-1 win with betfair

that’s got to rock the runes somewhere

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Saints to win 4-0…Lambert to get a double :astonished:

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My son always puts Saints to win 3-1 with Lambert getting a double :laughing:

Will tell him this season…Lambert might have moved on :astonished:

2-0 Saints or 2-1 depending of if Sigursson plays.

I know we all would have like to have brought in some extra players but plenty can be said about continuety and not having to bed in 4-5 new players for the first few games.

I personally think we will sneak a Europa spot again via the league, you heard it here first (or second if someone else predicted it)


Well, he has to find out some time. Cruel to be kind and all that.


2-2-37 (2 goals each, + at least 37 mentions of VVD or Liverpool (whree he woudl do very well) by commentators)


Mr Lawrenson will undoubtedly have us down as relegation fodder this season, assuming we don’t sell VVD to Liverpool. He will have to get back at us somehow.

Merson has us down for 8th again!


You are not, by any chance, his bookmaker as well as his dad?


I don’t feel very good about this one, unsettled squad (thank van Dick) and a new manager who doesn’t know the Premier League let alone English football.

We’re going to get our sphincter well and truly enlarged, 3-0 to the Swans!

I feel good about this one, Swansea have an unsettled squad(think GS), whilst we have a new manager, that has played and been a coach in this league.

We’re going to shaft them. As you say Bob 3-0(that’s a home win).

Are you a bit depressed, holidays over?