Saints vs Man City beers

Saints vs Man City beers


The penultimate league game of the season.

It’s a Sunday kick-off, 16:30.

What do we say to the Rockstone, 14:30?


That only gives us an hour and a half drinking time you fool.


I will be there with Lou. 1.30pm😎

Edit: maybe


I don’t know why you’re asking; attendance is mandatory.


Who is sending me a flight ticket for this mandatory appearence ?

NB I only do business class traveling west.


I may be down for this, not too sure as it stands.


Feck me Baz, if you’re going to be there please say, I will then make an extraordianry effort to be there too…don’t have a ticket yet!!


So who is coming along and how does 2pm sound?


2pm sounds great. There’s a May Day thingy on in Palmerston Park going on from 11pm-1pm. I’ll zoom after over that.


Good man. Lou will be there circa 2.30


Can’t make this one, but will do my best to make the Palace beers. But only if I can have another threesome with the Flyd Cat and SO5.


Will make both - and we shouldn’t let the fact that Palace is on a Sunday put us off from having a proper post-match end of season bash - South Western has become the traditional venue.

I’m certainly up for another threesome Bletch. Fowlydd will play hard to get but he’s gagging for it really

I’ll book the Monday off…


After the last piss-up when I left you and the genuflecting Fowly Double Dee round the back of the kebab shop in Eastleigh, he was gagging then too IIRC.


Table @ Rockstone booked from 2.30pm for 8. Optimistic me. I will be there shortly after 2. Cheers


Will be at both match and Rockstone - I’m on call right now, but a colleague has very kindly agreed to take the Sunday afternoon and evening off my hands.

And I’ll be there for Palace, pre-match, match, post-match. And I’ve booked the day off on the 16th. Yay!


I’m doing West Brom, West Ham tomorrow


Taking both firms out on your own ?


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I’m doing West Brom, West Ham tomorrow

Taking both firms out on your own ?

I’d be wary enough about taking on our Tony Pulis.

It’s not so much the physical besting I’m sure he’ll dish out. I’m worried he’ll do that laugh afterwards.


Decided to stay in Liverpool and put up a kids playhouse, it does have a swing though, the traffic put me off and having to wait until Monday afternoon to then drive back up, down in a couple of weeks for the maypole dancing conference.


Can’t you make the Palace game bazza?