:pl: :saints: Saints v Wolverhampton Wanderers :wolvesfc:

:saints: v :wolvesfc:

No poll needed, we know how this is going to go…

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Saints to win by 2 clear goals thats how it is going to go

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In that case


For bonus points I’d like to predict a 0-2 defeat and for Jiminez to score his usual goal plus Cunha - their £45m striker that they signed before the January window even opened, given the urgency of their situation - will open his account for Wolves after having several games under his belt to acclimatise.

Meanwhile, our deadline day signings won’t be deemed ready so Nath will have them in the B team.

This will probably sum up my feelings

Win - fuck we are going to be saddled with the useless cunt for another two months

draw~ you useless cunt - it’s fucking Wolves at home

Small loss - fuck you Ramas - you could have stopped this this week by sacking the useless cunt on Monday

Big loss - I hate everything including the useless cunt


They battered Liverpool
We will drop our best players.
Obvious win


This really is heads they win, tails we lose isn’t it. :rage: Whatever happens, we’re fucked.

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I have found a Wolves supporter on board so he will probably be making some money this weekend.

I wonder why! I’m actually going to watch to see if he’s learnt a damned thing this week.

Same old shit being spouted but you can tell he’s trying to dial his personality down. Still talking about himself and his track record of improving players. Still trying to justify his existence.

Anyone know and care to share what aggression stats are and how they are measured?

Sounds like a waste of everyone’s time if they don’t amount to scoring and stopping goals.

I think aggression stats are based on squad red meat consumption. I’m with Nat on giving them the tools to bite heads off.
Looking forward to Saturday’s game. :grinning:


I have been saying something like this for quite some time now


They use a decibel meter to measure how loudly the squad are shouting “you clueless twat” at him


In which case they’ll need the Richter scale very soon.

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I genuinely don’t care what the score is this week. I’ll take whatever beating is necessary for us to move on from him. I don’t hate the guy but he is not the type of person I want representing our club. He could win every game from now on and I still couldn’t warm to him.


As @BTripz didn’t have a whose going to win poll - how about a “by how many goals do we need to be beat by to persuade Rasmas to pull the trigger” poll

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I think the forum was a lightbulb moment for SR.
I am sure they are reading everything we write on Social Media.

A 3-0 win playing Champagne Ile football might turn the tide but my guess is Rasmus has been spending hours on his spreadsheets and sounding people out very quietly.

Then I wake up