:pl: :saints: Saints v West Ham United :westhamfc: (Live on Sky Sports)

:saints: v :westhamfc:

  • Pellegrini is under pressure and managers tend to lose their jobs soon after playing :saints:, a 2+ win for the rampant :saints: then
  • :saints: are profligate in front of goal, again, and spurn numerous chances, However they manage to spawn a jammy chance and win by the odd goal
  • bore draw
  • score draw
  • what @Fatso says
  • :westhamfc: love Pellegrini so much that they put on a show and embarrass :saints:, :westhamfc: by 2+ goals
  • shit show, highlighted by :saints: not making the onion bag bulge, Noble gets and slips while crossing the ball, the ball manages to dip over McCartheif and into the net, :westhamfc: by the odd goal

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The third relegation 6 pointer in as many weeks. They are only a point ahead.
If we play like the first half against Newcastle but actually put the ball in the net we should see this one out comfortably and see the sacking of another manger, if he is not already gone before the kick off after last nights home defeat by the Gooners.

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Was a weird game. West Ham played well in the first half and Arsenal were terrible. They only turned it around with a good 10 minutes in the second half. Cresswell picked up an injury which will hopefully keep him out.

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Just for those that aren’t aware, this game has been moved to a 17:30 KO and will be live on the telly box via Sky Sports…other illegal streaming services available.

There’s a lot of time till the game, a lot of water to pass under the bridge, plenty of opportunity to kick some furniture but I have VERY strong feelings in many of my bones. And I’d like to share the strongest of those feelings from the hardest of those bones.

This match will see saints return to winning ways! Yay!

We will win 2-1. This is the only score that we ever win by.

For those of you who have come to look forward to the finer detail in my predictions, I can share the following:

  1. Ings will score again!
  2. Shane long will score. You have read that right. Long will score. I can’t be sure which part of the body the ball will hit before it ricochets in, but last touch definitely off Shane.
  3. We will score in each half and be 2-0 up by the 75th minute.
  4. A calamitous defensive error will lead to their goal. I cannot guarantee which defender will be responsible. I also cannot rule out all of them being involved in one way or the other.
  5. The last 10 minutes will be like being alone in a room with Matt Hancock.
  6. VAR will rule out one West Ham goal.

No need to thank me, get your bets on early.


Have you been overdosing on the little blue pills again?


As a man who is far younger and much more virile than you, I have no use for such pills. I only have to move and I have an erection.


Well the good news is that I am NOT going, which with my seen 5, lost 4 drew 1 record should work in our favour.
The only trouble is all my games have been away, so the 5 or whatever home defeats had bugger all to do with me :crazy_face:


Typical Tory deflection…we all know it happened on your watch.


It’s just the “moving” bit that bothers you…:thinking:

The last time I looked, west ham were above us in the table. Therefore, I predict another plucky display with plenty of encouraging signs, lots of good forward play, excellent team spirit, nice passing and movement, and ultimately, fuck all to show for it in the way of points. Draw at best, and we’ll probably lose.


I will be watching it on SkyGo on iPad, as I lost control of the TV remote to the ladies in the house many years ago… so I will be watching this around 2 minutes behind the actual events occurring.

So unlike last week, when I was in Jordan and knew the result 2 hours before it occurred in the UK, I will be hoping that mistakes leading to goals against us, are quickly put right so that by the time I view them they have been corrected.


I see you did for Swaythling Athletic’s FA Cup dreams last night.

You cruel bastard.


Damn … I thought I’d gotten away with that one!!

Just as well nobody on here follows Eastleigh Boys brigade Old Bodys U80’s team :roll_eyes:

If it’s the over 80s team @lifeintheslowlane plays for them…


Ageist cunts. :rage:


So rude and unnecessary, the older generation eh??

In fact you’re so old that your generation doesn’t have a name,

Boufal having to have painkilling injections in his stubbed toe :roll_eyes:

Armstrong available, Valery out with virus

Now I know you’re fuckin’ kidding…“Post war baby boomers” I’m sure you’ve heard of us. We’re usually thick, racist cunts who hate foreigners, pine for the spiritual return of Margaret Thatcher, send memes calling to share if you enjoyed eating dirt and breathing in concentrated asbestos dust.
I like to think I kick against the trend…like @saintbletch I think everyone’s a cunt.