:pl: :saints: Saints v Norwich City :norwichcityfc: (Live on Prime Video)

:saints: v :norwichcityfc:

  • :saints: did it, they won at home, no really they did, and guess what, they’re going to do it again :saints: by 2+ goals
  • tight close edgy affair that sees :saints: win by the odd goal
  • :norwichcityfc: are buoyed by their recent draw with managerless and rudderless :arsenalfc: and put :saints: to the sword, :norwichcityfc: by 2+ goals
  • tight close edgy affair that sees :norwichcityfc: win by the odd goal
  • bore draw
  • what Lawro says (score draw)

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Just noticed that this is the first of the tranche of games to be shown on Prime Video and I’ll be missing it because it’s pool night. KO has also been brought forward 15 minutes to 19:30 so be aware.

Probably a good thing I’m not watching it as we always seems to do better when I don’t.


This Amazon Live bollox has ruined a decent weekend out on the toon for me, and a good few others who’d planned to do the trip, with the game now on sun due Newc playing on Thurs due Amazon. Luckily i have a STH Newcastle mate who i can stopover with on Sun night, but i now will be travelling up sun morn, as i can now make my son’s birthday drinks on Sat night, if i don’t miss my early alarm call.

Consider yourself lucky you can actually get there on the Sunday! :sunglasses: loads of mushes having trouble with transport from So’ton all on Twitter begging for lifts

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Lawro’s back to normal and cant give us a home win against a team below us. and the Seagull is just as bad.

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Do you disagree with them then? :thinking:

2-0 Saints

I sense a poll coming…

Oooooh Fatso’s about to make an amazing prediction…


I will continue my impressive prediction form by going for a 2-1 win.

Ings and Djenepo.

I warn you though, it will be a terrible first half performance. We will go in at half time 0-1. Stephens will give the goal away by letting the ball bounce off his shin into the path of their attacker. In the second half there will be more urgency from Saints and Ralph will make some good substitutions. I predict shame long will come on and be a nuisance but miss from 3 yards, probably more than once. Once we’ve come back and made it 2-1, the end of the game will be very nervy and everyone will shit themselves.

They don’t call me Uri for nothing.


Hmmm, i’m conflicted as i was very much looking forward to taunting you but this prediction actually seems quite sensible.

All my predictions are sensible. I’m pretty good at this. It’s a major talent of mine

I will double down and go 4-2 to Saints, Ings to get his first saints hat-trick.


c’mon @gavstar and @Fatso use the poll in the OP FFS…

I need to be able to express my creativity and football score predicting acumen.

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Yeah you can do that, but you can also use the poll to back it up…

I’m putting my differences with @gavstar to one side and agreeing with him. I will not be constrained by a poll. I am an individual. A man. A free man. I have thrown off the shackles of prediction threads. I will not be told what to predict or how to predict it. I’ll predict what I like, when I like (apart from here where I will predict the outcome of a specific game)


I predict cold weather today and tomorrow but slightly warmer by the end of the week.

Fuck you btitz

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