:pl: :saints: Saints v Manchester United :manunitedfc: (ON BT SPORT)

:saints: v :manunitedfc:

  • :saints: have another change at left back but still manage to score more than :manunitedfc:, OGS gets the boot on Sunday
  • The ref feels sorry for the recent :manunitedfc: penalty woes and gives them plenty of chances to practice, :saints: are subsequently reduced to 7 men with VAR suffering from a “technical glitch” for this match. :manunitedfc: subsequently convert 3 of their 10 penalty chances, with 5 being retaken for encroachment or Gunn being off of his line.
  • :manunitedfc: to actually tun up and win by 2+ goals
  • :saints: press and actually recognise each other, they turn on the style and put :manunitedfc: to the sword, :saints: win by 2+ goals
  • An Ings fluffed chance from an impossible angle (© @Polski_Phil) sees :saints: win by the odd goal
  • Rashford shoots, it deflects off of Pogba’s bum and deflects again off of Martial’s standing foot as he swings at it, the ball then rolls over the line in slow motion with Gunn stranded, :manunitedfc: win by the odd goal
  • bore draw
  • score draw

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I am indebted to the largesse of Saint @Fowllyd (the patron saint of lost wallets) and as long as the postal service doesn’t lose the season ticket winging its way to me from Suffolk, Bletch is out to play!

I am dying to try out the new Unity place but as it’s an early kickoff, is anyone else up for a couple after?

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I look forward to seeing your unbridled enthusiasm when we win a throw-in, again.

Might be up for a non-alcoholic one afterwards too. :+1:


fuck yeah!

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Sitting in our row? Choose your attire carefully.

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I always do, honey.

At least my sartorial choices extend past ordering maternity size clothing.

I’ll wear something ‘fitting’.

You out for a couple after?

I was obviously referring to your choice of summer blouse, if this heatwave keeps up. We don’t want you passing out during the game, as no-one will hear you swoon

Where’s the pole on the score to start with.
Where’s the who’s starting thread.
I expect us to win by scoring more goals than Man Utd.
Do they have any Mancunians in there team?

I am more concerned of the Philippine postal service and cards winging there way towards me in the far east than any thing in the UK at the moment.

It’s there now, you are needy these days aren’t you…

@saintbletch is the only one anal enough to do those

Well vote then, a poll has been added to the OP

Probably not and it’s their not there :stuck_out_tongue:


I just received a letter so anally address that I assumed it was from Jacob Rees-Mogg, Esq., M.P.

Imagine my disappointment when I opened it to find it filled with unreadable gibberish in the Welsh language - something about cricket matches, mental weakness and jingoism.

Anyway, the long and the short of it is that a) @Fowllyd has given me his season ticket for the rest of the year, b) I’m out to play on Saturday and c) I get to wear a blouse to annoy @Lets-B-Drinking!

Thanks Flyd! Isn’t it?


The rest of the year??! Its a bit early for @Fowllyd to give up entirely on his SMS pilgrimage just because @SO5-4BW is bringing Mrs SO5 along this weekend :open_mouth:

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That might be an assumption on my part.

He didn’t leave a return address so I’ve assumed it’s mine?!?

I’ll just get @Fowllyd pissed and steal his wallet - tell him the S/T was in it. You know what he’s like.


It’s alright @SO5-4BW, - we’ll show her some culture!


Ahhh! - thanks for the offer

I’ll take her somewhere else


Fucking hell. That’s a day I’ve wasted clearing out the van.


I thought you cleaned after the job not beforehand ?


This is the party trick I had planned to show Mrs SO5.



Dubai days…

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Ha! If you drink it I’ll pay for it! You’d manage the coke and the egg

You’re more likely to impress with witty conversation or satorial style…

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