:pl: :saints: Saints v Manchester United :manunitedfc: (Live on :bt_sport:)

:saints: v :manunitedfc: Live on :bt_sport:

We all know why this has been chosen for TV :lou_facepalm_2:

  • I have a bad feeling about this, :saints: 0-9 :manunitedfc: seems plausible
  • :saints: have been playing better recently but this may be a step too far, :manunitedfc: to huff and puff but, ultimately, win
  • :manunitedfc: beat a poor :liverpoolfc: on Monday night but a swallow does not a summer make, :saints: to win, not easily or prettily but win they will
  • :manunitedfc: beat a poor :liverpoolfc: on Monday night and this has given them confidence to go out and strut their stuff, :manunitedfc: to win at a canter
  • score draw
  • bore draw

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I have a good feeling about this. Cocky Man U will swagger down to the coast thinking they’re the business after beating a less than up for it Liverpool. Heck they’ll even play Maguire, such will be their arrogance.

What they won’t be banking on is Che Adams banging a couple more goals in, increasing his value yet more for a ridiculous sideways move to Forest or the like.

2-1 Saints. Ronaldo late on from the bench.


Wonder how well this one will age?

Until Saturday?


They will be as arrogant as Vardy and Maddison were in the tunnel of last weekend’s game on steroids! It’ll be the entitlement that gets em. By hook, crook or goals off asses, I too have one of those feelings about this!


I already have 25 beer tokens on a Saints win. When normally the money only goes on on the day of the match. This could be the easiest 3 points we pick up this season.


Peraud back in training and a possibility for Saturday.

Che will not be sold this summer, despite the bollocks Alex Crook was coming out with.

Does anybody still believe the garbage that spouts from that person’s mouth?

There are a few in all areas of life unfortunately!

Team to watch – Southampton
This is nearly always true because one way or another you’re almost guaranteed entertainment . They are so bafflingly bad most of the time but capable of being really quite good when the mood takes them.

When it goes wrong there is no more thrashable team in the land, as we saw in the speed with which they shipped four goals to Spurs either side of half-time on the opening day of the season. And that was after Saints had started well.

They’ve taken a different approach to their last two games by being rubbish at the start and finishing well, scrambling back from 2-0 down to Leeds for a point and a goal down to Leicester for a memorable win.

They are surely overdue another 9-0 defeat and this weekend they meet one of the teams to dish out such a whomping but who remain something of a puzzle themselves. Wretched in their first two games but then able to exploit Liverpool’s own weaknesses. Where does that leave Manchester United against a team that can be excellent or dreadful within the same match?

Absolutely no idea, but it should be a compelling watch.

A Sutton speaks :-

Southampton v Man Utd (12:30 BST)

I watched Southampton against Leicester last weekend. In the first half they had to weather a bit of pressure and then went behind to a James Maddison free-kick, but they responded brilliantly.

They ended up deservedly winning the game after Che Adams came off the bench and scored twice, and this won’t be an easy one for Manchester United and boss Erik ten Hag.

I didn’t see United turning up against Liverpool, I don’t think anybody did, but I think they can back up their victory and edge this one.

Sutton’s prediction: 1-2

Ross: I think Manchester United will be feeling good after beating Liverpool and if Raphael Varane is fit, I think that will help them beat Southampton.

Ross’s prediction: 1-2

Traffic carnage warning!

Still got that kinda feeling we will pull one out of the proverbial and get a W here. Not as stronger feeling as last week but well, see what occurs


Just realised I have to catch a bus at 11am IF I want to go to the Pub to watch the game

It’s a United win.
I’m going to the pub
Work meeting can’t avoid it

I smell points!

I don’t usually expand on the aroma sensation but as Utd are World Champions again after beating the Red Dippers I believe they will be hugely overconfident and that will result in a positive outcome for the Mighty Saints.

I stand by this even with our best player Harry Maguire not included in the Utd team.


It’s the hope that kills you


How did that stay out!

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