:pl: :saints: Saints v Manchester United :manunitedfc: (Live on :sky_logo:)

:saints: v :manunitedfc:

  • :saints: going to lose
  • :manunitedfc: going to win
  • home game, return of the fans, toxic atmosphere will abound, cue another 9-0 defeat for the :saints:
  • small chance that :saints: might just win, very small…
  • draw all over it.

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Sadly, after quite looking forward to the start of the new season, with so much of the dross gone, and some older players got rid of in haste it felt like, it seems that the managers approach hasn’t changed one fig.
A weird starting XI, folk playing out of position, our best players sat on the bench, and lo and behold, substitutions too little too late.
I remember the start of last season well, and remember commenting to a friend about how nice it was for your team not to be in a relegation dogfight, then to spitefully prove me wrong, saints went about losing everything.
I don’t think we are going to suffer from the loss of Danny Ings or Vesterguard, but I do fear that if the manager persists with weird team selections, strange tactics and not using substitutes for tired legs, we may be looking at a new manager before too much longer, and a real struggle at the bottom.
Hope I’m wrong.


I do. And I hate to say it, but I think the Eddie Howe klaxon will be sounding loud and clear pretty soon. :frowning:

Actually I understood his team selection yesterday
He was also honest & right, NBC Commentator said we got back into the game after the equaliser
The subs WERE too late, legs had gone.
I expected a defeat
We got it.
I expect a stuffing 0-9 is possible or worse.
But maybe Tino & Stuey should compete for a right side start in midfield
Drop Walcott

This is the issue. Mentally when we go from winning to conceding the lead our heads drop and it’s as if the defence just switches off and gives in, expecting to lose.

Solve that and we’ll be fine

It hasn’t been solved in three years…

Theo an impact STRIKER sub, Mo for DJ Moussa who can also be LB backup if Ralph insists and a CB before deadline day

Going to be a tough game. First and foremost, Bruno (and to a lesser extent Pogba) mustn’t be given time and space so Romeu and JWP have a huge job to do, without getting sent off.

Probably swap Forster in, but (and I know I’m in a minority) not definitely as McCarthy can be better, especially commanding his area. Definitely Bednarek for Stephens, or even play all three. KWP at RB.

Must drop Walcott and Djenepo. S Armstrong comes in to be replaced by Livramento when we need fresh legs. Keep AA and Adams up front: we need a threat as we won’t keep them out for 90 mins with total defence.

Last place goes to third CB, Diallo to boost DM or Redmond.


Admittedly that’s a bit of a problem.

United tactically flood and overwhelm you down the flanks (courtesy Carl Anka) then ping balls into the space in the centre.
Djneppo did good work helping out Perraud Saturday at least positionally, Walcott didn’t.
For that reason I’d go

KWP Stephens Salisu Perraud
Tino Oriel HWP Djneppo
Adam’s AA

Tough on Stuey but this is our best chance of not getting stuffed.
Tino also played half his games last season in MF or as a Wing Back

Why would you want Stephens any where near the starting line up?


Because Ralph is gonna pick him anyway

Makes you equally culpable.

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Surely Bednarek will be back in. I heard he’s recently become a dad and maybe he hadn’t trained or slept much last week.

We’ll have to shit some miracles not to get stuffed on Sunday. Our form this calendar year, since Ralph blubbed at beating the Scouse, is fucking woeful. Just hoping the presence of a crowd helps out, although Utd away support is always very good and noisy.

Comedy post of the year there…

Our home support has to be the most toxic in the Premier League, for example booing the team off at half time during a friendly…


Yeah this. Judging by the comments on social media you have to wonder why so many fans even bother turning up.

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Is your glass always half empty?

First time I’ve been called a pessimist on here :rofl::rofl: