🏆 :saints: Saints v Manchester City :mancityfc: - FA Cup Quarter Final 2021/22 (Live on the :bbc:)

:saints: v :mancityfc:

Quarter final of the FA Cup yo, live on :bbc: One, free for everyone to see our humiliation.

  • Any hope I had for this game has been fully eradicated after our last 3 showings. 5-0 Citeh. © @gavstar
  • :saints: to win in normal time
  • :mancityfc: to win in normal time
  • :saints: to win after extra time
  • :mancityfc: to win after extra time
  • :saints: to win on penalties
  • :mancityfc: to win on penalties
  • Have faith, :saints: will prevail, they always play better against the “better” teams, the last 3 games have been against “lesser” opponents. :saints: will win,

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Any hope I had for this game has been fully eradicated after our last 3 showings. 5-0 Citeh.

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Unfortunately. Correction - fortunately, I have civic duties to perform on Sunday afternoon and will miss the whole game.

Don’t know whether to record it so that I can suffer later or just get it over with and check the score as soon as I’m done.

As I will be in Cologne visiting 20 month old Grandson 2 for the 1st time I want to personally thank Ralph & the team for giving me an extra 2 hours at the park/zoo/nappy changing with him instead of having to watch us get embarrassed as they extract their 4 points revenge without KY Gel

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Going to this with my mate who is a City supporter.

I am hiding in Paris watching the egg chasing - thank fuck

I’ll be hiding behind the sofa for this one.

I will volunteer to change Nappies

Sadly/luckily have a prior engagement, which means I will not be able to follow the game, and will only see the result late at night!
All this may be a bit of a blessing.

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Poll added to the OP

Palace pissing Citeh off for us.
0-0 82mins
No subs for Citeh.
Maybe they’ll be as knackered as us Sunday


Is there something wrong with me? (Don’t all answer at once!)
BBC story says Zaha has now “won” 730 fouls since records began.
Surely if they were “won”, none of them should have counted, and he is a cheating fucker.
If the truth is he has been fouled 730 times, then referees need to pay more attention to players being targeted.


Zaha “wins” fouls the same way Grealish does, and the way Sterling used to “win” penalties until the ref’s association wised up to him.


Oh Lords, Mike Dean is the ref on Sunday…

:man_facepalming: Ffs

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Our squad can’t cope with all the extra games…
Or something

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Were fucked then

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