:saints: Saints v Man U :manunitedfc: (PL)

:saints: v :manunitedfc:

Southampton v Man Utd

Southampton v Man Utd (17:30 GMT)

Nothing seems to be working for Southampton at the moment and, although Manchester United are hardly firing on all cylinders, I still expect them to be too strong for Saints.

I just look at this game and cannot see Mark Hughes’ side causing United enough problems to beat them.

This United side has got issues of their own in attack, as we have seen in their past two games against Crystal Palace and Young Boys, but I would back them to find a way to win on Saturday.

Lawro’s prediction: 0-2

Dolph’s prediction: 1-0

  • :crazy_face: Saints win at a canter, sowing the world how football should be played
  • Saints struggle but score early and defend well against a misfiring United attack.
  • As above, but United score a jammy deflection in the 97th minute of time added on
  • 2 misfiring attacks leads to a 0-0
  • United win
  • United find their shooting boots and hammer Saints

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Hello @Polski_Filip :wave::wave:

0-3 United.

How strange, we don’t seem to have a game tomorrow…

It’s a 5:30 kickoff on Saturday as far as I’m aware.

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Ah, well, in our new Pap don’t care mode, we can simply let it drift by. You lot can watch Twitchy and I can have an early night…

We have a game, not sure it’ll be a contest though.


It’s on BT Sport if anyone can be bothered

Oh, so this IS still a football forum then!

Obviously Lukaku will have a blinder. Shaw will score and Fellaini will do the pantomime Roy Keane going down stuff 0-4.

Which before everyone melts down is what happened to us when we last went down.

Long term, the good news is Ings is still out. That means Obafemi will get more game time which is good for the future. In fact he could cause the Utd CB’s trouble with his pace. Our Back 3 could actually be solid. Just don’t see our MF getting much of the ball.

Will the scapegoat be Cedric, will our mood be flattened by the announcement of Hoedt in the starting line up. Will we give a shit?

I’ll add a poll to the OP later but I don’t think it’ll include a “Saints to win” option.

Or either draw option :thinking::thinking:

2-1 Saints :crazy_face:


1-0 Saints Bobby Stokes to score in the 83rd minute.



Utd to change their kit at half time.


Poll added

Sowing the world?

Well, we have very horny footballers :blush::blush:

I didn’t think our players could score in a brothel ?


Obafemi with the last minute winner with an assist from Valery. Ah shit no sorry that was the post brunch snooze dream,
As you were

Our lot wouldn’t even score in the York Hotel let alone a Brothel.

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Oddly enough, my snooze dream was Obafemi leaving the club having never scored for us at senior level, despite missing a raft of gilt edged chances. I sincerely hope I’m wrong.

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That was no dream, that happened, except it was that midget speedster from Switzerland we bought BEFORE Mane. Mayuka.